Danica Patrick Hears Boos: Qualifies 23rd at Indy 500

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Dan Shapiro
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Danica Patrick

Indy's most popular driver heard boos on Saturday after a tough day at the races.

Patrick only qualified 23rd for the Indy 500.

Most of the boos came after her comments blaming a poor qualifying performance on her car's setup were broadcast over the racetrack public address system.

"I say one confident thing out there, that it's not me, and everybody boos me," she said. "I don't know, maybe they were booing me before, but some of them were probably cheering for me before. I'm not a different driver than I was five years ago."

Patrick was shaking and holding back tears after the qualifying run. She said adjustments on the car throughout the week were poor.

"The car is just totally skating across the track, and there's no grip," she said. "My mechanics took tons of time to make sure it was fast and slick and no drag. It's there, it's just that the setup's not there. I feel bad for them because it's a good car.

"The GoDaddy car deserves to be higher up than this. It's better than this. It's just not set up right."

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