Current Line on Manny Pacquiao -240: Lock Your Bets in Now

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Tyrone Black
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Current Line on Manny Pacquiao -240:  Lock Your Bets in Now

Oddsmakers agree that when all is said and done, the line on Manny Pacquiao could cross the -250 threshold and already was at some books (see below).  Savvy sports bettors may want to lock in the line at -240, which was where had this one priced as of 5:15 pm EDT.

Now if you happen to like Timothy Bradley, be sure to check out Bookmaker.  They had Bradley at +225 paying $225 on a $100 bet.  

Pacquiao was seeing most of the betting action as of Saturday evening at most of the recreational books but Bookmaker had plenty of sharp action going Bradley’s way thanks to the price.

Pacquiao was overpriced at Bookmaker at -270 so it definitely pays to shop around.

The betting public sees a “revenge” factor coming into play here being that Pacman lost his last bout vs. Bradley.

“We’ve had some early Pacman money, but I do see us getting underdog money on fight night,” Jay Rood, vice president of race & sports for MGM Resorts told  “This is a hard fight to read the public money on.  The action on Pacquiao has slowed his last few fights, but the outcome of Pacquiao-Bradley I may see [Pacquiao’s] old supporters come back.”

Action was brisk on this fight with high volume search traffic coming into throughout the day Saturday.

We will be covering wagering on this big fight like no other site on the Net.

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