College Football Week 7 Rankings (2008)

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Carrie Stroup
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College Football

Carrie Stroup here with your College Football Week 7 rankings (2008)

We took a lot of flack for not including Missouri in last week's College Football rankings. Our College Football Week 7 rankings include Missouri and the odds to win the 2009 BCS Championship as of press time.

1. Oklahoma - 5 and 0 so far. This team looks like it's read to take home the BCS Championship. And check out the value at +225 for a $225 payout on every $100 bet if they were to win it.

2. Alabama - The Crimson Tide would pay out $500 for every $100 bet.

3. Missouri - Now pays $600 for every $100 bet to win the BCS Championship at

4. LSU - If LSU can win the BCS Championship, that's a $1200 payout for every $100 bet.

5. Texas - Also pays $1200 for every $100 bet at

6. Penn State - Another team that could pay out $1200 for every $100 bet.

7. Texas Tech - We are looking at an $1800 payout for every $100 wagered should Texas Tech somehow go on to win the BCS Championship.

8. USC - Still among the favorites to win at the online sports books, paying $350 for every $100 bet.

9. BYU - A "field" option, pays $2500 for every $100 bet.

10. Georgia - A $1500 win on a $100 bet if they walk off with the BCS Championship title.


Carrie Stroup, Senior Reporter

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