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Some monitoring of the College Football Week 6 betting odds show that there were a few games going ballistic on the boards in terms of line movements while others essentially stayed still.

Indiana vs. Minnesota - This one has remained a solid -7 in favor of Minnesota.

Akron vs. Kent State - If you were looking to get that little half point taken off the number 3, there was, offering road favorite Akron at -3 as opposed to the -3 ½ number we have seen everywhere else (at least as of press time Friday night).

Penn State vs. Purdue - This is going to be a wildly popular game to in terms of betting with all the action going Penn State's way. Penn State originally opened as a -11 ½ road favorite but due to the heavy lopsided action, books have pushed the line up to -14. For Purdue bettors, look at that number as a +14 and bet it at

Ohio vs. Western Michigan - The line here opened up at Western Michigan -4. Since that time we have seen it move between -6 ½ and -7.

Kentucky vs. Alabama - There is a middling opportunity here if you should be so lucky. What are the chances of Alabama winning by 15 points? Some books had this one at Kentucky +15 ½. A handful of books out there had this one at -14 ½. This allows gamblers to bet one side at one sports book and the other side at a second sports book.

Navy vs. Air Force - The line here opened at -6 Air Force and has now moved down to -4 ½.

Texas Tech vs. Kansas State was among the most bet on games heading into Saturday with a whopping 95 percent of the action going Texas Tech's way! The line opened at Texas Tech -7 and has pretty much stayed there with a few moves up a half point.

Missouri vs. Nebraska was the second most heavily bet on game. All the action was going Missouri's way, 90 percent in fact. If you happen to like Nebraska you can get them at +10 ½ at compared to +10 everywhere else.

Ohio State vs. Wisconsin was another heavily bet on game. This one opened Ohio State -2 ½ and has moved down to -1 at most books.


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