Clottey – Pacquiao Fight: Watch for Those Body Punches

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Tyrone Black
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Clottey – Pacquiao Fight

In order to beat Manny Pacquiao Saturday night in the somewhat anticipated Clottey - Pacquiao bout (yeah, we know, you were all hoping for Mayweather - Pacquiao), the big underdog plans to land as many big body punches as possible. 

Joshua Clottey comes into this fight the +450 underdog vs. Pacquiao at -700 at (see odds here).   

"I will go to his body a lot. I will follow him, I will hit him to the body," Clottey told reporters Wednesday.

Clottey said he would block anything thrown his way while making his own punches count.

"It doesn't matter if he throws 1,000 punches, if I'm blocking them. I don't waste punches," he said.

"He throws a lot of punches, but he's the smaller guy. I throw fewer, but they are going to connect, and that's going to do damage.

Prior to Clottey's remarks,'s D.S. Williamson had already suggested this as a key to Clottey winning.

"(He) will want to be more aggressive at spots during the round while Pac is moving forward. Clottey will want to "go lower" than Pac at times, punching Pac to the ribs and then punching down on Pac from up top at other times. Instead of standing right in front of Pac, Clottey will want to move to the side, unleash combinations, and then get back on his bike."

Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach said Clottey had never had to face the "accumulation of punches" that will be thrown by the Filipino, known for his speed and swarming style.

"We're ready for more than one game plan and we will adapt ... He (Clottey) blocks punches in a way that can be broken," he said.

But Pacquiao acknowledged Clottey's height and reach advantage and said it could work for his opponent "if he knows how to use it."

"I don't want to underestimate Joshua Clottey," he said.

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