Chelsea Ups Ante for Real Madrid’s Brazil star Robinho

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Alistair Prescott
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Get those Chelsea odds while they're still hot and Manchester United remains the favorite to win the 2008/09 Champions League Outright. Chelsea is looking to upgrade by snatching Real Madrid Brazil star Robinho by upping the price tag - £23.6million!

At press time, the Chelsea club was listed with 13/2 odds to win the Champions League. Compare that with Manchester United as the 6/1 favorite at Sportingbet.com. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan each had 7/1 odds of winning.

Chelsea boss Luiz Felipe Scolari is keen to capture his countryman and will be backed all the way by Roman Abramovich's billions, the News of the World reported on Sunday.

The bid falls well short of Madrid's £35m asking price but Chelsea insist they will not pay anywhere near that figure.

They know the Spaniards are anxious to raise cash for their next attempt to land Cristiano Ronaldo.

And the Stamford Bridge club claim Robinho is desperate to join them rather than stay at the Bernebeu.

As far as Chelsea are concerned, he and his agent have made positive noises about quitting Spain for the Premier League and they will certainly not give up. The gulf between the two clubs could mean this deal goes to the transfer deadline wire of August 31.

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