Brett Favre Comeback Odds Fueled by "Release" Request

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Sources on Saturday told ESPN that Brett Favre has formally asked by letter for his unconditional contractual release from the Green Bay Packers, fueling further speculation that the retired NFL super star will be mounting a comeback.

The letter was sent by Favre's agent, James "Bus" Cook, via overnight mail on Thursday and arrived at the Packers facility Friday morning,the ESPN report said.

Favre announced his retirement in early March following one of his most successful seasons.

Packers general manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy weren't available for comment Friday.

In a statement, the Packers said: "Brett earned and exercised the right to retire on his terms. We wanted him to return and welcomed him back on more than one occasion.

"Brett's press conference and subsequent conversations in the following weeks illustrated his commitment to retirement," the news release added. "The finality of his decision to retire was accepted by the organization. At that point, the Green Bay Packers made the commitment to move forward with our football team."

Oddsmakers have chimed in on the possibility with the folks from saying ""don't count on it""

"The odds of this happening are 4 to 1," points out Dave Stanley of

Oddsmakers at are a little bit more on the fence when it comes to a possible Brett Favre comeback.

"Brett Favre may well be the third greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, and as such he will be missed dearly" stated spokesman Reed Richards. "Our expert oddsmakers felt it necessary to provide fans with a sense of closure, and some idea as to what he will be up to next."

But their experts have offered more of a "coin flip" than anything else, giving Favre starting a game for the Green Bay Packers during the 08/09 season 50/50 odds (listed as 10/11) was also offering odds on which team Favre would likely play with if he returns:

Arizona Cards 1/100

Atlanta Falcons 1/50

Baltimore Ravens 1/40

Buffalo Bills 1/250

Carolina Panthers 1/250

Cincinnati Bengals 1/400

Chicago Bears 1/2

Cleveland Browns 1/250

Dallas Cowboys 1/500

Denver Broncos 1/250

Detroit Lions 1/40

Houston Texans 1/150

Indianapolis Colts 1/750

Green Bay Packers 1/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 1/300

Kansas City Chiefs 1/50

Miami Dolphins 1/7

Minnesota Vikings 1/2

New Orleans Saints 1/200

New England Patriots 1/750

New York Giants 1/250

New York Jets 1/150

Oakland Raiders 1/50

Philadelphia Eagles 1/400

Pittsburgh Steelers 1/300

San Francisco 49ers 1/50

San Diego Chargers 1/250

Seattle Seahawks 1/300

Saint Louis Rams 1/250

Tampa Bay Buccs 1/20

Tennessee Titans 1/200

Washington Redskins 1/100


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Originally published July 9, 2008 11:47 am EST - Updated July 12, 2008 12:47 pm EST

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