Brett Favre Comeback Analyzed by Oddsmakers

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With the new NFL season only weeks away, much of the talk in past days has centered upon a possible Brett Favre comeback. Oddsmakers have chimed in on the possibility with the folks from Sportsbook.com saying "don't count on it"

"The odds of this happening are 4 to 1," points out Dave Stanley of Sportsbook.com

Oddsmakers at BetUS.com are a little bit more on the fence when it comes to a possible Brett Favre comeback.

"Brett Favre may well be the third greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, and as such he will be missed dearly" stated BetUS.com spokesman Reed Richards. "Our expert oddsmakers felt it necessary to provide fans with a sense of closure, and some idea as to what he will be up to next."

But their experts have offered more of a "coin flip" than anything else, giving Favre starting a game for the Green Bay Packers during the 08/09 season 50/50 odds (listed as 10/11)

They are more generous in providing Favre MVP odds - A $1 bet pays out $14.

BetUS.com also lists odds on which team Favre is likely to play for next. Interestingly enough, Minnesota comes in as the 1/2 favorite over Green Bay.


Which team is Favre most likely to play for if he returns:
Arizona Cards 1/100
Atlanta Falcons 1/50
Baltimore Ravens 1/40
Buffalo Bills 1/250
Carolina Panthers 1/250
Cincinnati Bengals 1/400
Chicago Bears 1/2
Cleveland Browns 1/250
Dallas Cowboys 1/500
Denver Broncos 1/250
Detroit Lions 1/40
Houston Texans 1/150
Indianapolis Colts 1/750
Green Bay Packers 1/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 1/300
Kansas City Chiefs 1/50
Miami Dolphins 1/7
Minnesota Vikings 1/2
New Orleans Saints 1/200
New England Patriots 1/750
New York Giants 1/250
New York Jets 1/150
Oakland Raiders 1/50
Philadelphia Eagles 1/400
Pittsburgh Steelers 1/300
San Francisco 49ers 1/50
San Diego Chargers 1/250
Seattle Seahawks 1/300
Saint Louis Rams 1/250
Tampa Bay Buccs 1/20
Tennessee Titans 1/200
Washington Redskins 1/100

Join Broadcasting team:
NBC - 5/1
ABC/ESPN - 1/2
FOX - 3/1

Coach Pop Warner Football - 5/1
Coach NFL Football - 100/1
Coach NCAA Football - 100/1

Run for political office
In Wisconsin? 100/1
In Green Bay? 65/1

Odds that he un-retires and plays next season:

Odds on which team Favre would return to:
1/10 Green Bay
5/1 Any Other
Shift in Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl Chances after Favre's retirement:
GB drifted from 14/1 to 20/1 to win SB
GB drifted from 4/1 to 7/1 to win NFC due to the fact that Rogers is untested.
Odds on Green Bay wins Superbowl next season: 18/1


Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

Originally published July 9, 2008 11:47 am EST

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