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Rarley does a fight come along that demands the attention of the mainstream, the media, gamblers, sports fans and handicappers in this way. Mayweather-McGregor is the kind of spectacle that captures the gravity of sport so perfectly. There’s just no telling what to expect when two athletes from different disciplines step in to the ring with a thirst for violence.

How big is this fight? BetOnline.ag has delivered a massive betting board full of amazing prop bets and scintillating fight lines that offer you plenty of different ways to get in on the action. One of the best markets is how the fight well end, and we’ve broken down this board for you.

Check out BetOnline.ag for a full list of lines that range from what Justin Bieber will do to which round Conor McGregor will win the fight in. For now, here are four of the most popular bets and how to angle them appropriately ahead of the August 26th superfight.

Mayweather by TKO/KO -145

Mayweather by Decision +240

One of the most interesting aspects of looking at prop bets in a boxing match is the probability of what is most likely to happen. In this specific market, the surprise is that they don’t have Mayweather winning decision. Like Mayweather has said himself in recent interviews, this superfight is ending before the final bell. Money said this himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live, when pressed by the noted host.

However, McGregor himself has pointed out what you can easily look up on the internet. Mayweather hasn’t knocked out an opponent in nearly six years when he blasted Victor Ortiz in the fourth round during their bout in 2011. This is a much more important angle than you might think.

There is a reasonably large faction of boxing bettors that believe Mayweather walks in to these fights with the intention of not embarrassing them. This can be called a conspiracy theory, but first arose when Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya in one of the least entertaining fights ever. You’d think that someone as sharp, crisp and explosive as Mayweather could end his opponents whenever he feels like it.

Not ending Manny Pacquiao is one thing, but Marcos Maidana? Andre Berto? Robert Geuerrero? If Mayweather is as good as his legacy dictates, wouldn’t he just sleep these fools instead of letting them go the entire way?

The fact that the oddsmakers have listed the knockout as the preferred choice is very, very telling. But it also flies in the face of Mayweather’s recent track record.

The biggest reason that Mayweather would knock out McGregor is to end his own career in the style it probably deserves. Beyond that, it’s very tough for boxing aficionados to argue that McGregor has the knowhow, expertise or the tact to last 12 rounds when the longest he’s gone has been a little less than half of a boxing match.

Many believe that McGregor will be truly gassed by the later rounds and prime for the taking.

McGregor by TKO/KO +450

McGregor by Decision +2000

Obviously these are the fun bets. McGregor has been talking a fine game this entire lead up, but still hasn’t boxed in a professional match ever. He’s been great in sparring, but those guys are literally paid to take it a little easier on the main event fighter who can’t risk too much even in training.

The angle here is whether or not you think McGregor’s hype is at all justified. There are worse ways to spend your money than by launching a prayer on McGregor lasting the length of the entire fight at 200-to-1 or scoring a knockout at +450.

Nobody debates that McGregor has knockout power, and the move to 8-ounce gloves seemingly favours the bigger, stronger and less experienced Irishman. And those in MMA circles know that doubting McGregor has come back to haunt the haters. He overwhelmed Diaz in their second fight, and ended
Aldo with a decisive blast before either had taken a full breath. Whenever the odds are stacked against McGregor, he seems to find a way.

Let’s not forget that Aldo was the best pound-for-pound fighter when he fought McGregor. That may be a far cry from the caliber that Mayweather is worth, but it works too ways. Almost everyone who has stepped in to the octagon with McGregor has been shocked by his size, speed and precision. If Mayweather falls prey to being too arrogant, or mistimes a single moment in this bout, McGregor can easily land a fight ending blow.

Even with the most optimistic mindset, a bet on McGregor needs to be measured appropriately. This isn’t just the biggest payday that he’s ever going to have, it’s the toughest opponent any fighter could possible face. Believing in McGregor is one thing, because he’s impossible to resist for so many fight fans, but Mayweather is one of the best ever.

Where your money lands depends on if you’re willing to bank on the guy who history has revolved around, or the man who could make history at the end of the summer.

Bet on a ton of awesome prop bets and fight lines at BetOnline.ag when Mayweather-McGregor comes to us live on Saturday, August 26th out of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas!

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