Bet on Double Champs for Dallas: Mavs, Stars, Cowboys and Rangers

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Everything bigger in Texas, including odds for the first-ever professional sports Grand Slam.


Dallas has the chance to become the first city to ever pull off the incredible feat, but Big D’s odds are LONG.

Will the Mavericks/Stars/Cowboys/Rangers all win a championship in 2024?

Yes       7500/1 - This means a $100 bet pays $7500!

There you have it. Not 100/1 or 500/1 or even 1000/1, but a whopping 7500/1! That means a one-dollar bet would return more than 7k.

And how about an All-Texas Grand Slam (removing the Dallas NFL/MLB teams and replacing with the Houston teams)? Those chances are slightly better mostly because the Texans have better odds than the Cowboys.

Will the Mavericks/Stars/Texans/Astros all win a championship in 2024?

Yes       4500/1

So…you’re telling me there’s a chance?

Finally, there are odds for a Texas two-step of the Mavericks and Stars both winning their respective titles. A city has never had both the NBA and NHL winner in the same year.

Will the Mavericks/Stars both win a championship in 2024?

Yes         20/1


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