Aussie F1 Ace Mark Webber Sees Red; No Bull

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Mark Webber

Readers er Rev Heads, Mark "The Turkey" Webber continues his winning ways on and off the track, despite what looks to be team politics and favoritism issues. It's red flag to a bull, but Webber "Mr Aussie Grit" continues his winning ways. Media Man and Gambling911 lock horns with Red Bull management as the situation revs up...

Australian F1 ace, Mark Webber must be feeling a tad bullish these days. He's locked horns with team mates, media and even flipped the car catching a bit of blue sky.

Recent dramas have waved a red flag to a bull, but for Webber, victory is sweet, and the Webber clan including the old man is waving the red flag back to the provocateurs.

Media Giants BBC and Fairfax Media are throwing around terms like 'Battle of Britain' and screaming 'Civil War' in the Red Bull camp, and maybe they're right? 

Bottom line, Webber has won the British Grand Prix. Believe it or not the race concluded with one half of the team's grease monkey types allegedly taunting the other with a body part from the winning car. Red flag to a bull doesn't do it justice Jack.

Silverstone was sizzling with emotion as the Red Bull - drivers love - hate relationship continues, not foreign to say 'War Of The Roses' nor 'The Osbournes'. Webber's team "mate" is getting known as the "Dirty Dick Dastardly' of the camp, a grease money being 'Mutley' and Webber is of course Peter Perfect, in the modern day 'Wacky Races'.

Lewis Hamilton thrilled the crowd understood to exceed 100,000.  Extending his lead in the drivers' championship to 12 points over teammate Jenson Button with a solid drive to second, but folks it is McLaren's reigning world champion who will be wrapt, having kept his title hopes alive by zooming from 14th on the grid to 4th, thus claiming 12 points in the process.

Fernando "Don't Call Me Abba" (Media Man tag) Alonso, who for the second race running was hit hard by a stewards' ruling and ended up short of the points. Ferrari's pre-season favourite is well... flat-ish.

Red Bull is turning to media darling and crowd favorite, with on track results, excitement, and off field dramas worthy of 'The Wacky Races'.

Not happy Jan... Webber, by the team's decision to remove a new front wing from his car and put it on that of Sebastian Vettel's for qualifying the previous day!  Webber got fire in the belly, seeing his "teammate" off the track at the first bend and went about his winning ways.

"Not bad for a number two driver" sprouted Webber, crossing the finish line at the Milton Keynes-based team.

Christian Horner, team leader, was locking horns with Webber, and more bull dust would soon follow.

Webber had more than hinted at team favouritism after qualifying this past Saturday that the team had "got the result they wanted" re Vettel.

Horner was trying to water down the fiery atmosphere and war of words but Webber remained reved up and let loose at the drivers conference.

"I would never have signed a contract for next year if I believed that was the way going forward. I was disappointed. We will see how it goes in the future, I will keep doing what I am doing and I hope it is enough."

In the pit lane below him where Horner's worst nightmares were unfolding we understand.

Webber's mechanics, glorified grease money's et al were said to have removed the "old" front wing that Webber had been forced to race with and waved it at Vettel's side of the garage.

They, like Webber, were pissed by the apparent favouritism shown by Red Bull's management and were not afraid to show the world their thoughts.

Webber's pop, Alan, advised he was not surprised, and that he had "worried" for Mark due to his mood the night prior.

"He clearly wasn't very happy when he got back after qualifying and I have to tell you I didn't know how he was going to be," Webber Sn said. "I was a bit worried about him. He was pushing the food around his plate at breakfast and looked a bit tensed up. Martin Brundle came on the television and said watch out for some fun at the first corner and Mark looked up and said 'You bet there will be some fun at the first corner', so I knew he was going to be up for it. "He is really determined and I am really proud of what he did here. He didn't let things get inside his head. He just wanted to do his job. He has fantastic support in the team and in the crowd and that is great for him because he has lived in this country for so long."

Webber even got to have a word with Legend Stirling Moss.

"I think what Mark Webber should do is say 'OK, give him (Vettel) the best parts, and I'll go out and beat him anyway'," the 80-year-old told the BBC media.

Horner said: "We have just won the British Grand Prix you know."

A Media Man spokesperson said "Mark Webber has shown the world who is the best. No Turkey, just a champion who flies like an eagle. The Webber brand might be more powerful now than Red Bull. Perhaps Richard Branson's Virgin Racing or another racing team may do well to sign up Webber when the opportunity permits. Webber's eyes are open with fire in the belly. You can taste Webber's passion and it reads Eat My Dust".

Wrap Up...

Mark Webber is a champion through and through. Not a turkey nor a mug. His Aussie grit, work ethic, positive attitude and all round ability sees him rise above and defy the odds. Punters, consult with Paul The Psychic Octopus if you must on Webber's upcoming races, but our spies tell us he's going to be ridding high in the saddle for quite some time, and friends, that's No Bull. The late Johnny Cash would be proud of this bull rider. Watch out for bull horns, crazed matadors, mad Brits, and keep it legal.  Vroooom.

*The writer is a special contributor for Gambling911

*Media Man is primarily a media, publicity and internet portal development company.

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