Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto Betting Odds (Video)

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Tyrone Black
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Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto Betting Odds’s own Jenny Woo sits down with Don Best TV’s Pat Williams in our Pensacola, Florida studio to discuss Antonio Margarito and Migquel Cotto betting odds.  We are seeing spike in traffic as a result of this Saturday night rematch.

When these two last met in 2008, the fight was a controversial win for Margarito over Cotto.  The odds for this bout have remained relatively close as a result. was still showing a line of +185 for Margarito and -225 for Cotto.  As of Friday evening, the line really hadn’t moved much.

“These two fighters really don’t like each other,” noted Williams.

As Ms. Woo noted, “Let’s just say Margarito had an unfair advantage maybe.”

Something about a little extra material in his hand wraps.

As a result he was placed on suspension.

The amount of bad blood alone between these two fighters has drawn incredible interest.

“You really wonder what Margarito still has left in the tank,” Williams said, pointing out that he is only 1-2 since these two fighters last met.

Let’s go straight to the Wooooooooo cam and talking some Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto betting odds.

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