Allen Iverson Banned From Detroit Casino

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Don Shapiro
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Allen Iverson

"Your money is no longer good here"

The Answer (Allen Iverson) has been banned from two different Detroit casinos, because of his "boorish" behavior. Considering how bad he is at gambling, we must be talking about some serious boor activity.

The NBA is looking into an incident involving one of Iverson's bodyguards at the Greektown Casino.   Apparently Iverson was trying to play "peacemaker" but it didn't work.  Iverson has already been banned from the MGM Casino in Detroit. 

"This is actually a loss for the Detroit casinos," says's Payton O'Brien.  "That's because Allen Iverson is a terrible gambler."

The Detroit News reiterates this:

"He is a bad loser, and he loses a lot, often throwing his chips or cards at the dealer. He has been warned about improper behavior at the tables repeatedly. He is often loud and disruptive, according to witnesses, rude to dealers, other players and the wait staff."

Iverson also has a bad reputation in Atlantic City casinos.

"You know Iverson's behavior has to be really bad for a casino to ban him. As much money has he spends and losses, and with the casinos all fighting bankruptcy, wow, he had to be a nightmare."

Iverson's Detroit Pistons are in some pretty serious trouble as the oddsmakers have given them long odds of winning the 2009 NBA Championship after starting the season among the favorites. 

The following odds were courtesy of Super Book


Atlanta Hawks




Boston Celtics



Chicago Bulls



Cleveland Cavaliers




Dallas Mavericks




Denver Nuggets




Detroit Pistons




Houston Rockets




Los Angeles Lakers




Miami Heat




New Orleans Hornets




Orlando Magic




Philadelphia 76ers



Portland Blazers




San Antonio Spurs



Utah Jazz



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