5 Best NFL Teams Heading Into The Playoffs (2008-2009)

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C Costigan
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A lot of questions still remain as the Playoff season is set to begin.  Which are the 5 best NFL teams heading into the 2008/2009 playoffs? 

Surely we can point to the New York Giants and Tennessee Titans as two of the best since these are the teams that have secured home field advantage throughout. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers also have to be among the top 5.

But which other team qualifies to be among the top 5 best in the NFL?

The oddsmakers at Bookmaker.com have the Indianapolis Colts right in the thick of things.  In fact, they have the Colts with shorter odds than Carolina.  Indianapolis would pay out $545 for every $100 bet while the Panthers would pay $570.

The San Diego Chargers may be under .500 and potentially heading into the Playoffs if they can knock off Denver this coming weekend, but oddsmakers have them pegged as one of the more likely teams to win the 2009 Super Bowl with odds that pay $1000 for every $100 bet.

But most people believe it is the Baltimore Ravens and Atlanta Falcons that sit just outside the realm of the top 5 best NFL teams heading into the playoffs and we still don't know if Baltimore is even in yet.

The Falcons would pay $1800 for every $100 bet if they were to somehow manage a Super Bowl win.  The Ravens would pay $1900 for every $100 bet. 

At the start of the season the Dallas Cowboys were the darlings of the oddsmakers.  That hasn't changed much even though their odds are longer than the 3/1 first thrust upon them.  Today, the Cowboys would pay $900 for every $100 bet if they were to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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