2009 Super Bowl Odds: Payouts Still Good

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Mary Montgomery
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Ravens vs. Steelers

The 2009 Super Bowl odds released heading into the Conference Championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers as near even favorites at Bookmaker.com  More precisely, the payout as of Wednesday night would be $139 for every $100 bet.

Get beyond Pittsburgh and you have a real steal.  Oh wait, get beyond Pennsylvania we mean.

The Philadelphia Eagles would pay slightly better at +164 odds or $164 paid for every $100 bet.

Assuming there is not a Pennsylvania Super Bowl in the next two weeks, the sharp money will be on either Arizona or Baltimore.

"There is still excellent opportunities in betting on the 2009 Super Bowl now," said Gambling911.com reporter, Don Shapiro.  "You just have to look towards this weekend's underdogs."

The Baltimore Ravens were listed with +426 odds for a payout potential of $426 on every $100 bet.  Heading into the season, the Ravens were listed with 100 to 1 odds of winning the 2009 Super Bowl.

And they could go all the way.


The Baltimore Sun's columnist, Mike Preston, was asked: Who would the Ravens match up better with in the Super Bowl assuming they were to win against Pittsburgh on Sunday.

"The Ravens match up better against the Eagles. Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner could put up big numbers against the Ravens because he has quality receivers in Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald, who has excellent hands. That would be a scary scenario.

We've already seen what the Ravens would do against Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb, and his lack of big-play receivers. The Ravens want to see the Eagles, not the Cardinals."

Of course, first they have to get past the Steelers, and that will be no easy task.

"The Ravens have to keep Roethlisberger in the pocket and not let him outside," Preston stated.  "Also, they have to bring him down, which is tough because Roethlisberger is so big. The Ravens' defensive backs and linebackers have to stick with their men all over the field until the whistle sounds. Roethlisberger is good at escaping and making plays downfield."

But the big 2009 Super Bowl pay day would go to the Arizona Cardinals.  They would pay just better than 7/1 odds or $717 for every $100 bet at Bookmaker.com

Michael David Smith of the AOL Fan House had this to say a few weeks back that just about sums things up:

"If I tell you the Cardinals are going to beat the Falcons this weekend, then win at the Giants and at the Panthers, and then go to the Super Bowl and beat the Steelers, you'll tell me I'm crazy. But not as crazy as you would have thought I was if I had told you a year ago that the Giants were going to win at Tampa Bay, at Dallas, at Green Bay and then on a neutral field against the undefeated Patriots."

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com 

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