2009 NCAA March Madness Basketball Contest

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Don Shapiro
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Throughout the week, Gambling911.com will be highlighting some of the many 2009 NCAA March Madness basketball contests being offered by online gambling websites.

Most of the prizes range from $500,000 to a whopping $1,000,000, with the later number typically indicative of contests that require correct selections throughout the tournament.  The prize is usually not paid out since nobody tends to win.  In fact, we don't think anyone has ever had a 100 percent accurate bracket.

SBG Global will be paying out $175,000 to the lucky customer who gets the most correct selections (which is not to be interpreted as getting them ALL RIGHT).  There will be other prizes offered up to 30th place (5th thru 30th place pays $5000 to each individual).  Even the 4th prize is substantial, paying $35,000.

"We can all use a little free 2009 NCAA March Madness basketball contest cash!" proclaimed Gambling911.com matriarch, Payton O'Brien.  "And SBG Global certainly offers one of the best opportunities."

"Heading into March Madness, everyone thinks they can correctly predict every team that will win," said Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher.  "You have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice than that happening.  But at least with the SBG Global contest, someone's going to win.  Several people will actually win since this contest is based on a ‘best of' premise."

SBG Global, one of the five largest online sports betting companies catering to the North American bettor, is looking forward to a huge return on this year's March Madness.

"The 2009 NCAA March Madness basketball contest is a way of enticing new customers," says O'Brien.  "Most of these individuals will be small recreational players, the type that SBG favors.  It's all about the amount of volume such a contest will attract."

The March Madness period, which lasts throughout the second half of March and culminates with a finale the first week of April, is one of the biggest revenue generators for both online sportsbooks and Vegas bookmakers alike.

Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com


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