2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Odds (Opening)

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C Costigan
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Louisville Cardinals

Gambling911.com is proud to present the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament opening odds.  Looking for 2021 NCAA Tournament lines?  Visit Bookmaker.eu here.

Below is an article released in 2009.

Gambling911.com will also be listing its own line on each game to determine any possible overlay or underlay. 

Let's look at these games:

The Midwest Region:

The winner of the Morehead vs. Alabama game will play Louisville (1)

Robert Morris vs. Michigan State (2)

North Dakota State vs. Kansas (3)

A dangerous Cleveland State team vs. Wake Forest (4) - G911 line: Wake -8

Arizona vs. Utah (5) - G911 line: Utah -2

Dayton vs. West Virginia (6) G911 line: West Virginia -7 1/2

USC vs. Boston College (7) G911 line:  USC -2 1/2

Sienna vs. Ohio State (8) - G911 line:  Ohio State -4

West Region:

Chattanooga vs. UConn (1)

Cal Northridge vs. Memphis (2)

Cornell vs. Missouri (3)

Mississippi State vs. Washington (4)

Northern Iowa vs. Purdue (5)

Utah State vs. Marquette (6) - G911 line:  Marquette -4

Maryland vs. California (7) - G911 line: California -2 

Texas A&M vs. BYU (8)  G911 line: BYU -3 1/2 

East Region:

ETSU vs. Pittsburgh (1)

Binghamton vs. Duke (2)

American vs. Villanova (3)

Portland vs. Xavier (4)

Wisconsin vs. Florida State (5)

VCU vs. UCLA (6)

Minnesota vs. Texas (7)

Tennessee vs. Oklahoma (8)

South Region:

Radford vs. North Carolina (1)

Morgan State vs. Oklahoma (2)

Stephen F. Austin vs. Syracuse (3)

Akron vs. Gonzaga (4)

Western Kentucky vs. Illinois (5)

Temple vs. Arizona State (6) - G911 line: Arizona State -5

Michigan vs. Clemson (7) - G911 line: Clemson -3 1/2

Butler vs. LSU (8) - G911 line:  Butler should be the -1 favorite here

Here were your opening odds courtesy of Bookmaker.com - these odds were now available for betting.  Be sure to check out the Bookmaker.com March Madness Contest.

Alabama -2 1/2 Morehead State -110

Binghamton +22 Duke

Minnesota U +3 1/2 Texas

Radford +27 North Carolina

Butler +2 1/2 LSU

Tenn Chatanooga +20 1/2 Connecticut

Texas A&M +1 1/2 BYU

American +17 Vilanova

VA Commonwealth +7 UCLA

CS Northridge +19 Memphis U

Maryland +1 California

Morgan State +16 1/2 Oklahoma

Michigan +5 Clemson

Northern Iowa +8 1/2 Purdue

Miss St +5 Washington U

Western Kentucky +4 Illinois

Akron +11 1/2 Gonzaga

Arizona -1 Utah

Cleveland State +8 Wake Forest

Stephen Austin +12 1/2 Syracuse

Temple +5 Arizona

Siena +3 1/2 Ohio State

Eastern Tennessee +20 Pittsburgh

Tennessee - 2 1/2 Oklahoma State

Robert Morris +16 1/2 Michigan State

USC -2 Boston College

North Dakota State +10 Kansas

Dayton +8 1/2  West Virginia

Cornell +13 Missouri

Utah State +4 1/2 Marquette

Wisconsin +3 1/2 Florida State

Portland +11 Xavier

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