2008 Week 9 NFL Betting Action Report

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Carrie Stroup
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Carrie Stroup reporting for Gambling911.com with your 2008 Week 9 NFL betting action report.   Each week we take a look to see which games and teams are getting the most public action. 

This week is a little interesting in that there is no one team dominating in terms of the amount of action. 

1.       Philadelphia Eagles - At Sportsbook.com the Eagles are the most bet on team, getting 88 percent of the action.  Because this is a late afternoon game, expect this one to be among the most heavily bet on games of the weekend when all is said and done.  So bookies will most certainly be rooting for Seattle to cover by +7 at home. 

2.       Arizona Cardinals - Most books had this team among their top 5 most bet on and the action averaged out to make them the second most bet on NFL team in the league heading into Sunday afternoon.  82 percent of action was going towards the Cardinals as the -3 road favorite so bookies will want a win by St. Louis here.

3.       Green Bay Packers vs. Tennessee Titans - This was the most bet on game of the weekend.  Depending on the book, some had Tennessee getting more action, some had Green Bay getting more.  Sportsbook.com had the Titans getting about 55 percent of the action but that is enough to make them hurt just a bit with a Green Bay win. 

4.       Cleveland Browns - For the most part the Browns were hovering around the 4th most bet on team at most online sportsbooks.  They were the -2 favorite and getting around 70 percent of the betting action. 

5.       New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills - It is interesting that many of the recreational online sportsbooks had Buffalo getting heavy action, yet the so-called "wise guy sportsbooks" had the Jets.  It will depend on the book to see what type of pain, if any, comes as a result of this game.  Sportsbook.com has relatively even action nearer to 60 percent on the Bills. 

6.       Minnesota Vikings - While not substantial, the Vikings were getting decent enough action against the Houston Texans - nearly 65 percent of the action.  A win by the Vikings will not make or break the bookie but will help to solidify any wins or losses that might occur throughout the day.  The books have made out pretty well over the past two weeks in the NFL. 

To recap, the books will be wanting wins by Seattle +7, St. Louis +3 and to a lesser extent, Baltimore around +2.

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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