2008 Week 7 NFL Betting Action Report

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Carrie Stroup
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Carrie Stroup reporting for Gambling911.com with your 2008 Week 7 NFL betting action report. Which teams, which games are getting the most action? Let's take a lookie...

1. Indianapolis Colts - No doubt about it, the betting public is all over the Colts at a 93 percent clip and Green Bay is getting little love here. Oddsmakers at Sportsbook.com have reacted by moving this line from a pick to favoring Indianapolis on the road by 1 ½ points.

2. San Diego Chargers - 70 percent or more of the betting action was on the Chargers. Make no mistake about it, this was the most bet on games of the weekend heading into game time. The Buffalo Bills were one of the top 5 most bet on teams as well. The Bills were pretty much a -1 point favorite across the board.

3. New York Jets - 92 percent of the betting action was going the Jets way in this one verses Oakland. The Jets were a solid -3 favorite on the road.

4. Dallas Cowboys - 85 percent of the betting action was on Dallas as the -7 road favorite.

5. Tennessee Titans - The Titans were getting around 65 percent of the betting action in this one as a -9 favorite on the road against Kansas City.

The Bills were also heavily bet on as described above. At some books, including Sportsbook.com, Buffalo was among the top 5 most bet on teams. The Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints were pretty much around the 6th and 7th most bet on teams depending on the book. 80 percent of the action was on the Bears at Sportsbook.com while just under 70 percent of the action was going New Orleans way there.

The New York Giants and Miami Dolphins were two other teams getting some decent action Sunday morning.


Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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Tampa Bay Bucs @ Buffalo Bills: Bovada has moved to Buffalo -10 with 75% of the spread action on the Bills. Pinnacle continued to hold at this number.