2008 Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

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Carrie Stroup
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Carrie Stroup here! Gambling911.com has released its 2008 Week 5 NFL Power Rankings along with odds for each of the top teams and changes from last week courtesy of Sportsbook.com, which was offering future betting odds on which team will win the 2009 Super Bowl. The number in (parentheses) is last week's ranking.

There were some real movers and shakers here, let me tell you all!

1. (2) New York Giants - The reigning Super Bowl champions finally get their just rewards. Since the start of the season, the undefeated Giants have been double digit long shots to win the 2009 Super Bowl. Whoopie, they are now listed with +800 odds at Sportsbook.com for a payout potential of $800 on every $100 bet. Guys and gals, this is still some great value!

2. (1) Dallas Cowboys - Still the favorites to win the 2009 Super Bowl even though this is the week you can probably get them at the best price. A $100 bet pays $450.

3. (13) Washington Redskins - Fox Sports said it best: They may not finish the season at No. 2, but going into Dallas without Jason Taylor and dominating the trenches earned the Redskins the NFL's most impressive win of 2008 thus far. While their wins have all been tight, they have proved to be the tougher team (against tough teams, with combined 10-5 record) down the stretch in each victory. The bookies haven't caught on yet. They have the Redskins at +2500 to win the 2009 Super Bowl. Sportsbook.com would pay $2500 for every $100 bet!

4. (4) Tennessee Titans - This 4-0 team is looking superior despite many obstacles they have had to overcome. You can get them at +1200 odds.

5. (7) Buffalo Bills - Another undefeated team. They have won some close one's but they keep on winning and that's the important thing. Now with +1200 odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

6. (6) San Diego Chargers - Still the team to beat in our opinion despite looking vulnerable at times. They are still a favorite among the odds makers at +700 to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

7. (3) Philadelphia Eagles - This team takes a big drop from number 3 where they peaked last week. They are listed with +1200 odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

8. (8) Pittsburgh Steelers - They played a tough one against Baltimore and looked tired at times. This one went into overtime. Still, Baltimore looked good so we give the Steelers credit here, and that defense will carry them far. Starting guard Kendall Simmons and rookie first-round RB Rashard Mendenhall were lost to season-ending injuries. Steelers were listed with +1200 odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl at Sportsbook.com

9. (14) Carolina Panthers - Back in the thick of things. Now 3-1 and long +2000 underdogs to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

10. (15) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The surprise team of the year so far going 3-1 and winning some good games after a bad Week 1. Still +3000 long shots to win the Super Bowl. A thought to ponder is that the Buccaneers may face the prospects of having home team advantage if they make it into the Super Bowl in February.

11. (9) New England Patriots

12. (10) Indianapolis Colts

13. (5) Denver Broncos

14. (17) Baltimore Ravens

15. (16) Chicago Bears

16. (11) Jacksonville Jaguars

17. (20) New Orleans Saints

18. (12) Green Bay Packers

19. (21) New York Jets

20. (18) Minnesota Vikings

21. (19) Arizona Cardinals

22. (22) San Francisco 49ers

23 (23) Seattle Seahawks

24 (24) Atlanta Falcons

25 (27) Miami Dolphins

26 (26) Oakland Raiders

27 (28) Cleveland Browns

28 (29) Houston Rockets

29 (25) Cincinnati Bengals

30 (31) Kansas City Chiefs

31 (30) Detroit Lions

32 (32) St. Louis Rams


Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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