2008 Week 4 College Football Rankings

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The 2008 Week 4 College Football rankings are in. Guess whose on top? Uhh...yeah..the USC Trojans of course. We also have all your future odds to win the 2009 BCS Championship.

1. USC Trojans - They actually still pay better than even odds if they win the 2009 BCS Championship at BetOnline.com! Odds pay $150 for every $100 bet. As good as USC is playing, why not bet a few hundred on this team.

From Rivals.com:

The season has only just begun, and No. 1 Southern California appears unbeatable. Too early, you say? Ask Ohio State. "We played a great team tonight. They were good across the board," Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said after the Trojans overpowered the 13th-ranked Buckeyes 35-3 Saturday night, turning the most anticipated September college football game in years into a mismatch.

2.Oklahoma - Pay $450 for every $100 bet.

3.Georgia (2) - Good value here paying $700 for every $100 bet at BetOnline.com:

From the Football Experts:

The Bulldogs felt slighted by losing their top ranking in the polls and have fallen again. It's their own fault. They were downright lethargic at South Carolina, a team they should have been fired up to beat after the Gamecocks cost them a shot at a national title last year. It almost happened again if not for a fumble into the end zone when the home team was about to tie the score at 14 late. You can call it a defensive SEC struggle, but Stafford didn't look like one of the better NFL prospects he is made out to be by any stretch.

4.Florida (1) - Shorter odds than Georgia at +500 for a payout potential of $500 on every $100 bet.

5.Missouri - A lot of people talking about this team, which had odds that would pay out $1200 for every $100 bet at BetOnline.com if they were to win the 2009 BCS Championship.

Football Experts:

This offense has proved just about unstoppable when Chase Daniel is leading the way. He has directed 14 consecutive scoring drives with only one being a field goal. This week the team scored on every drive through three quarters against Nevada including eight touchdown marches of 54+ yards. They didn't really march a lot of times. They just struck for big plays and called it good.

6.LSU - Pays $2000 for every $100 bet.

7.Texas - Pays $3000 for every $100 bet to win the BCS Championship.

8.Wisconsin - The 2008 Week 4 College Football rankings have Wisconsin right up there ranked at number 8. Check out the value for Wisconsin to win the 2009 BCS Championship: $4000 for every $100 bet.

Almost every time Fresno State made a big play, No. 10 Wisconsin had an even better answer which proved to be just enough to spoil the biggest game in Bulldog Stadium history. P.J. Hill ran for 112 yards and the Badgers defense came up with key stops in the second half of a 13-10 victory over No. 21 Fresno State on Saturday night.

9.Alabama - Pays $3000 for every $100 bet.

10.Auburn - Pays $4000 for every $100 bet.

And the remaining 2008 Week 4 College Football rankings:

11.Texas Tech

12.South Florida

13.Ohio St.


15.East Carolina

16.Penn St.


18.Wake Forest



21.West Virginia



24.Florida St.

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