2008 Week 3 NFL Betting Action Report

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Carrie Stroup
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What are the games everyone is betting on during Week 3 of the 2008 NFL season? Which teams are getting the most betting action? Which teams do the bookmakers need to win in order to avoid another bloodbath?

Carrie Stroup here with your 2008 Week 3 NFL Betting Action Report and your Top 10 Bets heading into Sunday afternoon. And don't forget, our friends at Sportsbook.com are giving back 5 percent on all losses throughout the month of September. I know, I know, you can't lose....BUT YOU ULTIMATELY WILL LOSE SOME BETS....now you can get some of that money back.

1. Carolina vs. Minnesota - While Dallas vs. Green Bay will be the most bet on game of the week when all is said and done, this one was getting the most action coming into game time Sunday afternoon. We should point out that one of the Carolina +145 money line was really giving this one quite a boost with nearly 95 percent of those betting it putting their money down on Carolina. The Carolina spread itself had about 76 percent of the action. This is one game we feel relatively comfortable about that Carolina will cover and maybe even win outright with a line of +3.

2. Dallas vs. Green Bay - Killer game for Sunday evening. Much of the betting will take place later on. If early results are any indication, 75 percent of the action is on Dallas at -3 with absolutely zero line movement and we are loving a Green Bay cover here - probably an outright win as well.

3. Tampa Bay vs. Chicago - There really weren't any clear cut third most bet on games of the week as they tend to differ across the board but Tampa Bay vs. Chicago averaged around the third most bet on with more than 85 percent of the money going the Bears way. They are the -3 favorites. Gambling911.com has found a rather large discrepancy in this line with Chicago theoretically poised to be a -9 favorite, but these scenarios stand a better chance for an upset so we are standing on the sidelines here. Books need Tampa.

4. Houston vs. Tennessee - Why there is so much action on this game is anybody's guess. The Titans are getting 76 percent of the action so the books will need Houston. This line has sat around Tennessee -5 all week long. Once again we see another big discrepancy where the Titans line should be closer to -10. But upsets are way too prevalent with such scenarios so this one can go either way.

5. Oakland vs. Buffalo - Despite variances in action on different games across the board. Oakland vs. Buffalo is pretty consistently the 5th most bet on game nearly everywhere with 83 percent of action going the Bills way. The line is Buffalo -9 ½. We have seen this game as high as -10 and Gambling911.com believes the line should be -10 ½. This looks like an 11 point win for Buffalo. In any event they should cover. The books will be anxious for a Raiders win though.

6. Kansas City vs. Atlanta - Another game that surprises us with the amount of action, nearly all of it going the Falcons way at an 83 percent clip. We think the line of -6 ½ is a little high (Gambling911 would have made the line Atlanta -3) but we're not exactly comfortable recommending Kansas City to anyone either. The books will be hoping for a Chiefs win though.

Most of the other games are either even action or more heavy on one side depending on the sports book in which the game is being bet.

Case in point: New Orleans vs. Denver is getting plenty of action. Some books will get hit a little hard with a Saints win, others with a Broncos win. Bengals vs. Giants is a heavily bet on game as well but the action is relatively balanced on both sides.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!


Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter

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