2008 Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

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Carrie Stroup
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With just three weeks remaining in the 2008 NFL regular season, there is still plenty of time to get in your future bets on the 2009 Super Bowl at Sportsbook.com and perhaps these 2008 Week 15 NFL power rankings will help you to make an informed decision.

This is Carrie Stroup reporting for Gambling911.com and below I have listed the teams that have a shot to play in and win the 2009 Super Bowl along with their odds to do so.  Remember, the New York Giants were huge underdogs to win the 2008 Super Bowl even after the regular season had concluded.  So anything is possible.

Arizona Cardinals +3000

Atlanta Falcons+4000

Baltimore Ravens+1000

Buffalo Bills+50000

Carolina Panthers+900

Chicago Bears+3000

Dallas Cowboys+1500

Denver Broncos+2500

Green Bay Packers+50000

Indianapolis Colts+1000

Miami Dolphins+2000

Minnesota Vikings+2000

New England Patriots+2500

New Orleans Saints+10000

New York Giants+200

New York Jets+2000

Philadelphia Eagles+2000

Pittsburgh Steelers+600

San Diego Chargers+10000

Tampa Bay Buccaneers+2000

Tennessee Titans +600

Washington Redskins +10000

Our 2008 NFL Power Rankings for Week 15 were as follows:

1.    (1) New York Giants - They can't be perfect (the loss to Philadelphia last week) but this team is the closest thing to it in the NFL right now.

2.    (2) Tennessee Titans - The one loss Titans team hasn't been getting a whole lot of respect, paying $600 for every $100 bet at Sportsbook.com but this team has great value and can easily go all the way.

3.    (3) Pittsburgh Steelers - A lot of folks feel this is the team that can beat either New York or Tennessee.  They've had one of the toughest schedules to be certain.

4.    (6) Indianapolis Colts - Something tells us the Colts winning streak is for real, even though the public and pundits alike still need convincing.

5.    (4) Carolina Panthers - The Panthers looked solid against a very good Tampa team Monday night.  Carolina would pay $900 for every $100 bet if they can pull off a Super Bowl win.  This team looks capable.

6.    (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - An injury to quarterback Jeff Garcia could spell trouble down the stretch, though he is expected to play Sunday.

7.    (9) Baltimore Ravens - This team is threatening and the value is great at +1000 to win the 2009 Super Bowl.

8.    (4) New York Jets - Yeah two losses and suddenly this Jets team is not looking so invincible after all following that knockoff of the Titans.

9.    (8) Dallas Cowboys - Romo blew the last game but we still believe they are making into the Playoffs.

10.  (12) Miami Dolphins - Week 15 a win against the San Francisco 49ers at home could boost this team into Playoffs range as the Jets and Bills play each other in this very tight division.

Sportsbook.com also offers odds on early Super Bowl betting lines with various team combinations.  I invite you to check out their site here for more details

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