2008 Week 15 NFL Free Picks

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Frank Doyle
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Sports Interaction betting analyst Frank Doyle casts a cold eye on the Week 15 matchups in the NFL.  Here are his 2008 Week 15 NFL Free Picks.

There are three landmark numbers in assessing handicaps in football. The first is three points, because so many games finish with three point margins, and because all handicapping begins with three points for home advantage. The next is seven, because anything more than a touchdown with a PAT is a whupping. And then there's double digits, which are out where the buses don't run in a league where parity rules.


That's what has me scratching my head looking at the line for San Francisco at Miami on Sunday. The Dolphins are going to playoffs, and the Niners are not. The Niners are traveling against the path of the sun, so that upsets the biorhythms. And the Dolphins have home field advantage.


But I can't get it out of my head that Mike Singletary, in his short time in charge, has already made his mark on this 49er team. If you remember Singletary as a player, with arms waiving up and down waiting for a snap and those mad staring eyes, you know that any team that he is associated with will fight with tooth and claw for every foot of field position. So while San Francisco might lose at Miami as the Dolphin revival continues, I find it very hard to see the 49ers taken to the woodshed. San Francisco +6.5 with Sports Interaction is the pick.


I'm normally wary of betting on two bad teams, because you can't really rely on form, but I'm quite surprised to see Washington so hot a favorite at Cincinnati. The Bengals are bungles once more, and both Baltimore and Indianapolis have put thirty on them in consecutive weeks, but goodness gracious, you can't really compare two playoff bound teams and Washington, for whom the wheels are rapidly falling off the wagon. All the early news in the week is of the spat between Clinton Portis and Jim Zorn and when you consider that Portis is the only really high quality player they have - well, it's a recipe for disaster. Cincinnati +6.5 with Sports Interaction is the pick.


The Clinton Portis thing is a mirror of what's going on at Dallas, where Jerry Jones questioned Marion Barber and Wade Phillips is doing some damage limitation stuff now. This isn't Troy and Emmitt stuff here - this is JR and Sue Ellen, pure soap opera. The Giants will have had Tom Coughlin chewing their ears off all week after their loss to Philly. They're not about to lose two straight. The New York Giants +3 at Dallas with Sports Interaction is the final pick of the week.

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