2008 Week 10 NFL Betting Action Report

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Carrie Stroup
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It's me again, Carrie Stroup, with your 2008 Week 10 NFL betting action report and this looks like it's going to be one heck of a football weekend with some great games.

Each week, Gambling911.com takes a look to see which games and teams are getting the most public action across the board.  Let's take a look now and see what's transpiring as we head into game time.

1.       Tennessee Titans - Make no mistake about it, the online bookies at Sportsbook.com will be saying a later prayer for Chicago before this game kicks off.  Everyone and their mother and their grandmother is betting on the Titans to win by 3 or more points.  74 percent of the betting action is on Tennessee here in fact.  The line has not moved.  I personally smell an upset here or at least a Chicago cover.

2.       New England Patriots - This is the second most bet on team of the week.  Nearly 80 percent of the betting action is going New England's way.  The bookies will be wanting Buffalo.  New England is expected to cover here based on Gambling911.com data.  The Patriots were at -3 ½.  

3.       Baltimore Ravens - Nearly 73 percent of the betting public was on the Ravens as a pick. 

Different books had different positions on other teams.  But here were some important observations: 

The Carolina Panthers were getting nearly 80 percent of the betting action at Sportsbook.com.  Not everyone will be hit if Carolina wins however.  Most books had Carolina among the top 7 teams bet.  Oakland needs to win by more than 9 ½ points for bookies to be happy. 

The betting public is overwhelmingly on the New York Giants to beat the Philadelphia Eagles and ultimately this will end up being the most bet on game of the weekend.  The action was somewhere around 60 percent for the Giants.  There was plenty of volume coming in on the Eagles, but the public edge is on New York here. 

While the Green Bay vs. Minnesota game is seeing relatively even action at Sportsbook.com, many other books are reporting heavier action coming in on the Packers.  In fact, Green Bay ranks around the 5th most bet on team across the board.  Sportsbook.com is a notable exception to that rule.  This is a heavily bet on game everywhere. 

Jacksonville is consistently around the 7th most bet on team of the week.  More than 70 percent of the action was going the Jaguars way just about everywhere so bookies will be rooting for a Detroit +6 ½ point cover. 

New Orleans was also getting around the same amount of action as Jacksonville, if not more at some online sportsbooks.  Sportsbook.com had the Saints getting just under 60 percent of the action.  A Falcons win will help many books out.  Atlanta is the -1 favorite here. 

Good luck to all the sports bettors out there.


Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter


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