2008 Summer Olympics: Odds On Which Country Will Get the Most Gold Medals

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Which country is likely to get the most gold medals this summer in Beijing? SBG Global had placed odds on the 2008 Summer Olympics and which country will get the most gold medals...and it is China followed closely by the USA and then Russia at +1400 odds.

China had odds of -180 while the US came in with odds of +110 whereby a $100 bet would pay out $110. All other nations was the other option that essentially includes any nation not just mentioned and those odds were set at +5000. Excellent value when you consider the 2008 Summer Olympics is not just about China, the USA and Russia.

Cuba actually has solid odds in a number of categories. They are favored to win the gold medal for baseball.

We know one person who is ecstatic over the prospect of Cuba walking off with the most gold medals - likely a result of the Olympic baseball games. That would be Gambling911.com's own Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins.

"Baseball has long been big in Cuba, my home country," said a sparkling Sparky. "They (SBG) should offer odds on how many Cubans defect during the Summer Olympics," joked Sparky.

But it's not just baseball where the Cubans are looking for the gold.

Cuban female cycling star Yoanka Gonzalez believes she could win a medal at the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games.

"I trained hard for Beijing Games, as I want to retire following a great Olympic achievement. I hope that could be a medal," Gonzalez told Xinhua after training at the Lao Shan velodrome here on Friday.

The Lao Shan velodrome opened on Friday and Gonzalez became the first one to have a train session on the Olympic cycling track.

"It was good. The facilities and the track are all world-level. She felt OK after biking on this track, and I hope she could realize her dream and take a medal here," Gonzalez's coach Leonel Alvarez said.

Cuba also has a decent women's volleyball team that SBG Global has listed with +600 odds or a $100 bet would pay out $600

Cuba and Russia were virtually tied as favorites to walk away with the most gold medals in boxing.

"We are good at dat too!" bellowed a very brash Sparky Collins in his thick Cubano accent.

Team USA meanwhile was expected to excel in basketball - both women's and men's. In fact they were listed with huge -700 and -500 odds, respectively, for both.

Soccer didn't belong to anyone but both Brazil and Argentina were favored and the two teams each offered a potential payout of just over $200 for every $100 bet. Italy would pay $500 and the Netherlands would pay $700. That's for men's soccer.

Odds to win a gold in female soccer featured two very close 2/1 favorites - Germany and the USA. Brazil had +500 odds or 5/1.

Men's handball had France favored while Russia was favored among the females.

Team USA was a heavy -600 favorite to win at softball.

Hungary and Serbia were both listed as the favorites to win in men's water polo. Team USA was the +250 favorite to win the gold for the women.

Brazil cannot be ignored among those "other nations" that could walk off with the most gold medals. In addition to a strong soccer presence, they are also listed as the +200 favorite to win women's volleyball (Russia followed closely with +250 odds). They were listed with even odds for men's volleyball.


Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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