2008 Pre Season Football Betting: Tips and Strategies

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Don Shapiro
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So what if the NFL regular season doesn't begin until September. Diehard sports bettors know there is always pre season football betting available and Gambling911.com is thrilled to bring you some excellent 2008 Pre Season football betting tips and strategies.

Bodog has a whole slew of 2008 pre season football betting options available to its readers beginning August 7 with the New York Giants vs. the Detroit Lions.

Interestingly enough with that game the Lions - who imploded last season - are listed as the -3 home favorite against the reigning Super Bowl champion Giants. But such is preseason betting where certain teams have a tendency not to perform well (a la not playing their top guys).

Last year around this time, Gambling911.com's own contributing sports betting expert, Tony George, offered up his own pre season football betting tips and strategies:

One important factor to consider, according to Mr. George, depth of the quarterback.

"Depth at quarterback is CRUCIAL. Star QB's do not play that long in the pre-season, EVER! Would you risk as either a head coach or an owner, Peyton Manning's season while playing at home against Houston in the preseason for more than 2 or 3 series?

"The entire future of your franchise rests on his health the entire season. Look deep into the roster of all teams playing, even if they are bad teams. Bad teams often have veteran backups with a ton of NFL snaps under their belt. Look at the Eagles last year, they had 4 QB's that had started NFL games on their roster in the preseason. That gave them an edge over anyone they are playing. Look at the roster sheets guys and planned QB rotations, it helps you cover spreads."

Also, forget about the overlays!

"If you are adding in the 2 or 3 point factor for home teams in your power ratings when looking for overlays against the spread in the preseason, do not do it. It is not that important in the preseason. As a matter of fact I came across an interesting tidbit on-line the other day to prove this. Visiting teams in week 4 of the preseason are 32-15-1 ATS the past 3 seasons, and last year they were 10-5-1 ATS. Pretty telling story if you ask me. Week 3 is the most teams dress rehearsal, so you can count on 2 or 3 quarters from the starters that week, and judge the outcome better than in weeks 1 and 2."

Gambling911.com is thrilled to have the likes of Tony George and Ron Raymond delivering to our readers expert analyses on games and plenty of free picks.

And remember, throwback games on the NFL Network are no longer required, a new football season is upon us!

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I am Don Shapiro, reporting for Gambling911.com. Your source for all the latest pre season and regular season NFL betting, free picks, tips and strategies.

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