Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions NFL Betting Odds and Predictions

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Mike Taylor
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Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions NFL Betting Odds and Predictions

Robert Griffin III was to be the big savior for the Washington Redskins, and if you were to ask us during last year’s season, we may have agreed. However, that torn ACL has definitely put a huge hole in his game that is if you were to just look at the previous two starts. For whatever reason the famed quarterback is having trouble with the game now that he’s back, and the coaches are noticing.


Free Prediction Given by SportsCashSystem.com lead handicapper, Mike Taylor

Current line: Lions +1 / Over & Under at 49

Time:  Sunday, September 22, 1:00 pm (EST) FOX, DirectTV, NFL Red Zone


Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions have once again found their running game, but if Reggie Bush isn’t healthy, there might be something missing overall. It’s these two story lines that are making this game one to watch out for, because if we get another slow Washington start, you can expect Detroit to have something to cheer about. Could Kirk Cousins come in? Mike Shanahan may pull that trigger, but we’re not 100% sure yet. The slow start and the plans not to sit him down have been publicized quite well in the press, but if the Lions run up a few touchdowns before RGIII is warmed up, look for him to ride the pine pony half way through the game.

The Washington defense right now is not doing well. They are floundering, meanwhile the Detroit offense is ranked #8 in the league. This sort of mismatch could prove to be explosive for the running game of the Lions. It’s interesting to see just how the whole thing will play out, especially with Reggie Bush in question with his left knee getting banged up. If he’s sore, he’ll play, but how well can he run, and is his time in the league starting to close up? These questions will definitely need answering as the two will go head to head this weekend.

The Match Up:

Looking at this from a different angle, you’ll find that this one is a simple one to call. Especially if the first quarter has a slow start. However, when you look at the odds, the lines, and what the analysts are talking about, you start to realize that the game is going to be very close. So close that it can be hard to really make a decision on the matter. For those that are struggling to get on any side of the fence, your guesses are as good as anyone else’s, there’s that many variables at play. With so much uncertainty perhaps it’s good that we’re going with the Lions at +1.

The Edge:

We pick the Lions +1

SportsCashSystem.com Prediction: Lions +1

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