Long Live the NFL Teaser Bet for ANY 2016 Season Game

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Gaining a vast degree of control is one of the main reasons for the allure of NFL teasers among football bettors all across the United States.  There is something about uniformity and standard offerings that clashes against the American Spirit.  We want it our way with as many options as possible to choose from.  This pent for individualism has made it to betting on the NFL.  By this style of wager, the sportsbooks allow us to adjust the odds, like the point spreads and totals by 6, 6.5, or even seven points.  Now there is a cost to this and some specialized rules that one has to know before jumping on it.  But I am here to tell you that if done right, it is not only profitable but grants one a degree of protection not found in many other offerings in the NFL.

Vary the Number of  Teams

Easiest way to think of a teaser is that it comprises of a multiple leg bet.  In layman's terms, each wager in the chain has to win in able to see it graded as a complete winner.  Established sportsbooks like Americas Bookies grant their customers great leeway in the amount of teams (parts of the bet) they can go with.  The payoffs for this work like most other things in life.  Smaller risk seen in a two team teaser pays less than the massive paydays that a seven team teaser would garner.  Of course, the degree of skill to make this into a winner ramps up considerably with each team you add onto the teaser.  

Practical Example

   Opening night of the 2016 NFL regular season has the defending Super Bowl Champs playing host to the game.  On that Thursday, Carolina travels to Denver.  Broncos decided to be frugal with the man they wanted to be the face of their franchise.  As a result, they lost him and now have to resort to either Mark Sanchez or an inexperienced player to lead them.  This lead to the oddsmakers not knowing how to approach the first game out.  They gave the Panthers as a -3 road favorite.  This is too good to be true but at the same time, I do not want to get out of the gate with a loss so I employ a teaser.  I have this and the Colts -5 against the Lions that I want to bet on.  Using a 6.5 point teaser so there are no pushes, I nudge Carolina to the +3.5 underdog offering and get my Colts with a +1.5 against the hapless Lions.  For this style of bet and teams involved, I am getting a -120 if both come through but a great deal of insurance now have to start the season a winner.

Not Just for the Cautious

     Maybe the most important decision to go with teasers is that now any game is wagerable. How many times do you want to bet on the home team and see that the line is right where you think it should be? Do you resort to just grin and bear it with a bet on your team?  You do not have to with teasers as you can adjust the line in the direction that you see fit.  Now no game is out of reach for us to bet on NFL days.  Even those that we think are spot on can be shifted so that there is plenty of room for us to profit on with this style of wager.

    Embrace the reasons to include teasers into your betting strategy.  Include the number of teams you want to bet on.  Adjust the lines in the manner that you see fit.  Run the table and scoop the winnings.  Good fortune in employing this for the 2016 NFL regular season at Americas Bookie and other quality offshore sportsbooks today.


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