Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers NFL Football Pick

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Dallas Cowboys vs San Diego Chargers NFL Football Pick

Two teams that should be great, at least on paper, are not doing so well in terms of getting momentum going in the real world. This week’s match up will definitely be one that could either be amazing or a snooze fest. It’s hard to tell which team will show up on either side of the football as each one has shown that they aren’t exactly poised to get to the super bowl just yet.


Free Prediction Given by SportsCashSystem.com lead handicapper, Mike Taylor

Current line: San Diego Chargers +1/ Over & Under at 47  

Time:  Sunday, September 29, 1:00 pm (EST) FOX, NFL Red Zone


The Dallas Cowboys failed to create a buzz with their last outing, and it seems to be something that is traveling with them through yet another season. Meanwhile, the Chargers should’ve been a top team in the NFL, and yet they seem to be lacking in a lot of different areas. Philip Rivers at one point was going to save the San Diego franchise and capitalize on a great overall, well rounded team, but is that truly the case here? Unfortunately, we’re seeing another glimpse of what could’ve been as the team struggles to cement themselves as top dogs in the NFL.

Let’s not get too down though, Antonio Gates and Rivers could connect for a great game this Sunday and could be interesting to see alongside the running game. The offensive powers are definitely good here, if not great. However, they will have to deal with a Dallas defense that is recouping and adjusting, which means they may run into a brick wall. That is if they can in fact stay on point and follow through with some major hits. Without isolating the quarterback, and setting up the ends on the outside, and mistakes prevailing, the Cowboys will once again flounder.

The Match Up:

In theory, this game shouldn’t be so close, and yet it is. With these two teams right now, you may get any given option. Because it becomes a bit on the unpredictable side, there’s no way to really give an advantage, outside a small change. Even with all the things that Dallas can do, they are floundering to a point where the San Diego Chargers may have the slight edge, albeit small, it may be enough to pull out a victory. Someone has to win, so we’re going to go with Sand Diego +1.

The Edge:

San Diego Chargers +1

SportsCashSystem.com Prediction: San Diego Chargers +1

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