Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets NFL Game Predictions

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Mike Taylor
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Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets NFL Game Predictions

A new season without the media frenzy that was surrounding Tim Tebow, and the Jets are impressive at times, even if they aren’t 100% dominant overall. The one thing to note in this game against the Buffalo Bills is that they will not be 100% healthy. Sure, they will have 99% of their squad doing well, but all of them? Nope. Mark Sanchez is still not well, and he may not return for this game. Even if he were to come through, he would not be at 100%, which is why it’s hard to give the Jets too much credit going into this one.


Free Prediction Given by SportsCashSystem.com lead handicapper, Mike Taylor

Current line: Buffalo Bills +1/ Over & Under at 38½

Time:  Sunday, September 22, 4:25 pm (EST) CBS, DirectTv, NFL Red Zone


The thing to look out for here is the Buffalo team to hit hard and hit fast. The Bills have a new coaching staff, a decent quarterback, and the change that has been brewing for some time is definitely on an upswing. But even though the Bills have a decent amount of backbone here, they are going to have to face a Jets squad that is tightly knit and is starting to play like a well oiled machine.

Take a look at the defense and you will see that they were able to hold Tampa Bay and New England from running up the score too high, and at times looked absolutely award winning. It’s way too easy to discount the Buffalo team, and that’s the mistake that most teams are going to be dealing with. E.J. Manuel is definitely a good one here, and with the help of his backs, you may see the football leaving his hands and into the hands of some stellar runners. You’ll find that Geno Smith has some weapons on his side, but he’s still a bit green, so we’re not quite sold on whether or not he can deliver the same kind of offensive prowess that Mark Sanchez brought forth.

The Match Up:

Two rookies will be dueling to see who is actually better. It’s hard to determine at first, but if you peel away the cynicism for a moment, you will see that the two are quite good on paper. The recipe for success for the Jets here is to make sure that they protect Geno at all costs. If he tastes the heavy lumber of the defensive side of the Bills, the Jets offense will suffer. It’s that small caveat that is going to drive our pick to the side of the Bills, with a +1.

The Edge:

The Buffalo Bills +1

SportsCashSystem.com Prediction: Buffalo Bills +1

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