Please Make Them Stop, Missouri Resurrects Sports Betting Measure and Mack on Bob

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Gilbert Horowitz
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From an endless sea of sports betting commercials to attempts at legalizing the activity in Missouri, we look at some hot stories in today's news as well as an interview with one of the top sports bettors in the country courtesy of the Jim Bob Show.


Please Make Them Stop

"Please make it stop. I can’t take it anymore... I want to take a chain saw to my big flat-screen every time I see another ad for sports betting."

Chris van Buskirk of Mass Live writes:

Seldom can someone turn on a TV or scroll through a social media app in the past month without seeing a celebrity promoting the use of one of the many sportsbooks operating within Massachusetts’ brand-new mobile and retail betting industry.

And the stream of promotional bets and advertisements has drawn concerns from lawyers in the state’s attorney general’s office and responsible gambling advocates only days into the launch of mobile betting, which kicked off on March 10.

Tough Road Ahead for Missouri Sports Betting Legislation

The Missouri House gave first-round approval Monday to allow legalized sports betting in the Show Me State.  But the initiative faces hurdles.

The preliminary vote in the House was a near repeat of last year’s attempt to allow people to wager money on athletic events and is backed by the major sports leagues.

Last year's measure failed to get through the Senate following a debate as to whether it should include video gambling in gas stations and convenience stores.

And this year an even greater obstacle stands in the way of passage.  There are currently two lawsuits seeking to stop a politically connected Wildwood-based company from continuing to place unregulated slot machines in businesses across the state.  Read More Here

From Sports Betting to Business, “Mattress Mack” Makes his Mark, on the Jim Bob Show

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale joins Jim Bob Morris and Dane on WGN Radio. Hear as Mack shares his love of sports and his passion for business and the many customers in Texas. Listen as he fills us in on the stories behind his start, his success and some of the biggest bets in history. Mack shares life lessons, advice for success and amazing moments along the way with Muhammad Ali and also the importance of supporting the community in times of need.  Check It Out Here

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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