Should I Bet the Toronto Raptors Today?

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Tyrone Black
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Betting the Toronto Raptors is something you should do at your own risk, especially on the moneyline as they are just 1-11 Straight Up versus division teams.  The Raptors are currently a bottom 10 tier team.


Kings @ Raptors March 20

Toronto will host the Sacramento Kings following a few days of rest.  

The line opened at Raptors +9. 

While we do have injuries with the Raptors, the overlay is 4, close to the same size overlay as we had in Orlando. 

The problem we have here is that Siakam, Barrett, Barnes, Quickley, Anunoby, Schroder are the Raptors top scorers and none will be suiting up for this game.

Thunder @ Raptors March 22

With the Raptors top scorers expected out of this game once again, we should see yet another overlay.

Without injuries the line would be Thunder -8.5.  With the Raptors banged up, expect a line closer to -12.5.

Recent Trends as of March 17

March 1 - Raptors vs. Warriors: Actual line Golden State -2.5.  2-point underlay - Raptors (underdog) fail to cover. 

March 3 - Raptors vs. Hornets: Actual line Raptors -7.5.  Accurate line - Raptors (favorite) fail to cover with 5-point win.

March 5 - Raptors vs. Pelicans: Actual line Pelicans -7.5 moved up to -9.  Opened as an accurate line to a nearly 2-point overlay.  The Pelicans crushed Toronto 139-98.

March 7 - Raptors @ Suns: Actual line Suns -10.5.  Overlay of 2 - Raptors (underdog) cover the spread by 7.

March 9 - Raptors @ Trailblazers: Actual line Raptors -2.5.  Overlay of 1.5 points.  Raptors (favorite) fail to cover, lose outright.

March 11 - Raptors @ Nuggets: Actual line Nuggets -17.5.  Overlay of 6.  Raptors (underdog) cover. 

March 13 - Raptors @ Pistons: Actual line Pistons -3.5.  Wrong team favored - Raptors should have been by 1 point.  Raptors lose.

March 17 - Raptors @ Magic: Actual line Magic -11.5.  Overlay of 3. Magic win by 15 points.

Raptors @ Magic March 17

Orlando should be a -8 point favorite versus the Raptors at home.  With the Magic the most healthy they've been all season, Toronto will have its work cut out.

Because the Raptors are banged up, the spread on this game should actually be higher than 8.  Both RJ Barrett and Scottie Barnes are out for this game.

The actual NBA line was coming in at Magic -11 and one has to believe the combined value of both these missing players is more than three points on the spread.  Technically there is a 3-point overlay. 

The Orlando Magic are a mid-tier team at this time, ranked No. 15 on Sagarin.

- Tyrone Black,

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