West Flagler: 'Seminoles Commenced Statewide Mobile Sports Betting Under False Premise'

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Gilbert Horowitz
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MIAMI BEACH, FL (Gambling911.com) - Florida gaming attorney Daniel Wallach posted on Twitter regarding the latest move by West Flagler, the group looking to stop the Florida Seminoles from offering mobile sports wagering.


BREAKING: West Flagler files motion with the Florida Supreme Court to "expedite" consideration of its request for "all writs" relief to "immediately suspend" Florida's sports betting law pending a final ruling in the case; says "exigency" has been created by the Seminole Tribe's relaunch of its app "without prior warning."

The horse is already out of the barn so to speak. The Seminole Tribe on Tuesday announced the relaunch of their mobile sports gambling site on a "limited test" basis.

Some of what is contained in the West Flagler filing:

"Taking advantage of the distraction created by their carefully crafted announcement on November 1, the Tribe has sought to surprise the Petitioners and this Court by presenting a “fait accompli” on November 7th.

"The only remedy available to prevent disruption of the status quo until the Court rules on the Petition is for the Court to use its 'all writs' jurisdiction to immediately suspend the off-reservation sports betting provisions" of Florida law "until the Court has an opportunity to rule on the Petition.

"The Tribe has now commenced its statewide mobile sports betting operations under the flawed premise that the 2021 Compact permits it to accept bets wagered from off its tribal lands.

"The Petition raises a critical question about the authority of the Executive and Legislative branches to act in contravention of the limits placed upon them by the Florida Constitution.

"The Court is unlikely to render a final ruling until 2024. In the meantime, absent an expedited ruling on Petitioners’ request, the Tribe will apparently continue with its off-reservation sports betting operations in contravention of the Florida Constitution."

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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