Truth About Real Reason for Ousting of Ex Resorts World CEO Coming Soon He Says

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Frank Doyle
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Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current reports that ousted Resorts World President Scott Sibella promises the truth behind his abrupt termination will be revealed "soon".  Sibella responded to a text by Gentry earlier in the week.


He declined to say whether he is taking legal action against Resorts World, which said Sibella violated company policy when it announced his separation last month.

The Current had previously confirmed a federal investigation into current and former casino executives their alleged association with a Southern California gambling ring operated by Wayne Nix. 

Resorts World and MGM Grand employees have reportedly been subpoenaed.

Federal agents from California are said to have visited Resorts World Las Vegas as part of its widening probe into the sports betting ring operated by, Nix, a former minor league baseball player.  Nix client base included a Who's Who of Hollywood celebrities and sports figures - players and coaches - according to court filings.

Sibella was sued this week by high stakes gambler gambler R.J. Cipriani.  That complaint claims Sibella manufactured cheating allegations against him because he knew too much about the casino catering to alleged unsavory gamblers.

“While we are still reviewing Mr. Cipriani’s complaint, it appears to be the latest rehashing of allegations against Resorts World and Mr. Sibella that have been thoroughly investigated and determined to be baseless by Nevada gaming authorities and others,” attorney Colby Williams said in a statement to the Current. “Now that Mr. Cipriani has chosen to pursue these matters in federal court, we look forward to establishing their lack of merit in that forum as well.” 

- Frank Doyle,

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