Braves and Rays See Massive Odds Moves After Just Over One Week of Play

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( News Wire) - Are the Tampa Bay Rays ever going to lose?

The ridiculous Rays are 10-0, and the torrid start has propelled them over the rival Yankees (and Blue Jays) in terms of AL East odds. has moved two other teams, along with Tampa, into the top spot among division odds. The Rays started third on the East odds board at +350.


The Twins, who started the season behind Cleveland in the AL Central, and the Brewers (were behind Cardinals) have jumped into divisions leads at the sportsbook.

In terms of World Series futures, the Braves, which remain the most wagered on team for the Fall Classic (Yankees are second), are now title favorites. They started the season with +700 odds, which was second behind the Astros.

Updated MLB Odds

AL Central                   

Minnesota Twins                       +110

Cleveland Guardians                 +115

Chicago White Sox                    +475

Kansas City Royals                     +4000

Detroit Tigers                            +5000


AL East            

Tampa Bay Rays                        +145

New York Yankees                     +160

Toronto Blue Jays                      +240

Baltimore Orioles                      +2800

Boston Red Sox                         +2800


AL West                      

Houston Astros                         -135

Los Angeles Angels                    +375

Seattle Mariners                       +425

Texas Rangers                           +475

Oakland Athletics                      +12500


NL Central                   

Milwaukee Brewers                  -105

St. Louis Cardinals                     +125

Chicago Cubs                            +900

Pittsburgh Pirates                     +1600

Cincinnati Reds                         +2500


NL East            

Atlanta Braves                          -180

New York Mets                         +200

Philadelphia Phillies                  +600

Miami Marlins                          +3500

Washington Nationals               +12500


NL West                      

Los Angeles Dodgers                 -115

San Diego Padres                      +120

San Francisco Giants                 +900

Arizona Diamondbacks              +1800

Colorado Rockies                      +8000


World Series                

Atlanta Braves                          +650

Houston Astros                         +700

Los Angeles Dodgers                 +850

New York Yankees                     +850

Tampa Bay Rays                        +850

San Diego Padres                      +950

Toronto Blue Jays                      +1000

New York Mets                         +1200

Seattle Mariners                       +1800

Los Angeles Angels                    +2200

Milwaukee Brewers                  +2500

Philadelphia Phillies                  +2500

St. Louis Cardinals                     +2500

Cleveland Guardians                 +2800

Texas Rangers                           +2800

Minnesota Twins                       +3300

Chicago White Sox                    +5000

San Francisco Giants                 +6600

Arizona Diamondbacks              +8000

Boston Red Sox                         +8000

Baltimore Orioles                      +10000

Chicago Cubs                            +10000

Miami Marlins                          +12500

Pittsburgh Pirates                     +15000

Cincinnati Reds                         +25000

Detroit Tigers                            +25000

Kansas City Royals                     +25000

Colorado Rockies                      +30000

Oakland Athletics                      +30000

Washington Nationals               +40000

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