White House Decision to Release Obama Birth Certificate May Hurt Trump Odds

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Aaron Goldstein
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Obama Birth Certificate

The White House stunned everyone Wednesday morning by finally releasing the original long form birth certificate of US President Barack Obama, and this could significantly affect Donald Trump’s Presidential odds.

Up to this point, The Donald has relied heavily on pressing the so-called “birther” initiative, casting doubt as to whether Obama was in fact born in the US.  Trump has gone as far as to suggest he hired private investigators who were making stunning discoveries, one of which included the possibility that Obama’s birth certificate mysteriously disappeared. 

Donald Trump’s odds of being elected US President in 2012 actually dropped to just under 6 percent at intrade.com, the lowest they’ve been in weeks.

Obama had scheduled a press conference at 9:45 am ET to discuss his reasons for finally releasing the birth certificate. 

Skeptics have claimed the US President was born in Kenya. 

Obama directed his office to release the long form certificate because the Commander In Chief didn't believe the distraction was good for the country.


- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com


Donald Trump to be elected President in 2012


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