Where Can I Bet the Nevada Republican Caucus

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Where Can I Bet the Nevada Republican Caucus

You can bet Tuesday’s Nevada Republican Caucus at Bookmaker, though there is very little value in this particular caucus as long as real estate magnate Donald Trump is being offered amongst the mix.  This is due to his steep price and high likelihood of winning.

Case in point: Trump would require a $231 bet just to win $10.  Sure it’s an easy $10 and the $231 is almost ensured to be refunded.

Trump’s poll numbers coming into Tuesday’s caucus were sitting around 42 percent a la Clear Politics. This jives with the overall betting action, that was coming in at 47 percent Trump.

His poll percentage was double that of Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who was seeing 20 percent. 

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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