What is the Payout Betting on Trump Winning the Iowa Caucus?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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What is the Payout Betting on Trump Winning the Iowa Caucus?

The current payout on Trump to win the Iowa Caucus Monday was set at -400, up from -250 just two days ago and from around EVEN nearly a week prior. Sportsbook.com was one of the only online gambling sites offering betting on the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primaries (both parties).

Despite the steep price, a bet on Trump is like taking candy from a baby. 

One would need to wager $40 to win $10 (the $40 is refunded should Trump win the Caucus).

The real estate mogul received some terrific news Saturday night after it was revealed he had built a 5 percent lead in what is widely considered the gold standard of polls, the Des Moines Register Poll.  It is also one of the last to be conducted before Monday night’s Caucus.

All bets should be placed no later than 6 pm EST Monday (recommended).  Wagering closes 7 pm EST but a lag period could occur this last hour due to high demand for this wagering event.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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