Wayne Allyn Root: “I Don’t Know if Mitt Romney can Hold the Favorite Status”

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Mitt Romney Favorite

In a sit down interview with Gambling911.com, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential NomineeWayne Allyn Root had his doubt as to whether Mitt Romney could hold onto his “favorite” status among the GOP candidates.  Romney announced on Monday he was in the process of forming a presidential exploratory committee.

Romney said on Monday that it is time to "put America back on a course of greatness, with a growing economy, good jobs and fiscal discipline in Washington."

The online gambling website BetUS.com had Romney as a 10/1 long shot to become the next US President in 2012.  

Root, who just happens to be one of the most renowned sports and event handicappers in the US, would also consider Romney the easy favorite among GOP candidates, but for how long?

“As far the GOP, Mitt Romney is obviously the front-runner. I don’t think there’s any question about that. I make him the favorite. No question. But in the end, I just don’t know if he’s going to get the nomination because we’re in a time of upheaval and the Tea Party is the most powerful and influential movement in American political history. Mitt Romney is not a Tea Party kind of conservative and I just don’t think the Tea Party activists are going to warm up to him. So I don’t know if he can hold that favorite status.

Root touched on the issue he believes will ultimately do Romney in.

“I think Mitt Romney’s biggest problem is that he’s supported universal healthcare- the same thing as Obamacare, in the state of Massachusetts, where Mitt was Governor. That’s probably the most hated program of Obama’s and the most controversial and the reason why he won’t be re-elected. Mitt Romney supported it in his state. So that could be his big downfall. Unless Mitt is willing to say “I screwed up. It was a big mistake. I own up to it. And I will never let it happen in this country. Use my state as the model for why it cannot work. It’s a disaster. But hey we tried and now we know it fails. It produces higher prices and lower quality and longer waits. A deadly combination. Anything government does, it does badly. So now I’ve learned my lesson.” If he says that…maybe he can still win the nomination and beat Obama. Maybe. But he has to admit he screwed up.”

Mike Huckabee:  “He’d be the Biggest Mistake of the Republican Party (if Nominated)”


Root believes that Mike Huckabee, not Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman or Donald Trump, would rate second most likely with the oddsmakers early on in the race.  That’s not to say that the Libertarianis a fan.

“Mike Huckabee is probably in second position and I think he’d be the biggest mistake in the history of the Republican Party because he’s far too extreme and intolerant on social issues. That’s not what America’s looking for. He’d be a disaster for the Republican Party. He’s the worst of all scenarios. He’s too wimpy and “moderate” on fiscal issues…too willing to raise taxes (as he proved as Governor of Arkansas) and too extreme right on social issues. The worst of all worlds. What America needs is someone who is fiscally right, like Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan, and socially tolerant or moderate. Get government out of my life. Out of the bedroom and out of the boardroom. As I always say, ‘Open your wallet…look inside…vote for me and I promise to stay the hell out of there!’

“Sarah Palin of course would probably be right near the top. She’s certainly #1 in name recognition. I still do not think she’s ever going to get the nomination, nor do I think she’s going to wind up running. I think she would have to give up too much money at this point as an author and TV star, and I just don’t think she’s going to do it. Nor do I think she is prepared for the Presidency. In the end, I think she’ll decide to become a TV talk show host…the new Oprah…she’s perfect for that…write more books, make tens of millions of dollars, and try to build her reputation. Or run  for U.S. Senate in either Alaska or Arizona. If she can win a U.S. Senate seat and really learn the issues, and become a Tea Party dynamo in the U.S. Senate, then by 2016 or 2020, she could be a serious contender for the Presidency. That’s my opinion about Sarah Palin.”

Donald Trump:  “Bold, Brash and Big Mouthed” 


Root also likes the prospects of a Donald Trump Presidency, and not because the Donald just signed on to be a regular contributor on Fox News, where Root also periodically appears.

“But the ones that I think you have to watch that are the most interesting – not necessary because they’re going to win but because they could come out of nowhere and create a gigantic name for themselves and maybe pull an upset. Donald Trump is number one. Donald Trump would be the perfect candidate for the Republican Party. He understands that the business of America is business, and that you can’t tax small business to death. And he can self-fund and perhaps spend a half billion to one billion dollars. With this whole Obama birth controversy, Trump is a promotional genius. I told you Jenny 4 months ago that I thought Trump would be the big surprise. He is already moving up in polls like a rocket. He has the big name…he’s a celebrity that burns as bright as Obama himself…he has all the money to compete with Obama…he is bold, brash and big mouthed… and he has the CEO thing going on. We need a businessman or women to run this economy. It sure isn’t Obama. So Trump could be “the one.” But is he serious? Is he willing to open up his finances and tax returns? Will his background as a womanizer and tough businessman come back to haunt him? Or is this just a publicity stunt for “The Apprentice?” I think it started out like that, but now it’s serious. And he could surprise everyone. He is Mitt Romney with more money, more chutzpah, and a bigger than life personality.

 “Whether you like it or not running for President is like running for American Idol. It’s not the guy with the best idea that wins, it’s the person who has the most celebrity and the most attention from the American public. So Donald Trump would fit right in. Here’s a big one – Trump is not beholden to special interests because he has his own money to spend on the race. “Most importantly, I think America is looking for a politician who doesn’t lie, tells the truth even if it upsets you, and Donald Trump doesn’t care what people think. He says whatever is on his mind. He tells it like it is. Donald Trump is a lot like me by the way (LOL). I’m a combination of Trump and Ron Paul. An interesting combo. So don’t count me out either…whether I decide to run in 2012 or 2016 is the question. I think…from what I’ve heard…Trump is a lot like me…a fiscal conservative, yet he opposes these wars around the world. They are the definition of insanity. They are bankrupting our country. I’d bring the troops home as quickly as possible. The whole thing is a nightmare. I don’t know why we’re there and I don’t see what it does for you or me. What does it do for any of us?  The answer is nothing. Why are our soldiers dying there? Why are we spending a trillion dollars on wars in other countries that hate us and don’t want us there? Let’s get out. It’s Vietnam all over again. There is no win. I think Donald Trump understands that and so do I. So I think Trump would make a great candidate.”

Michele Bachmann is Sarah Palin, Without the Negatives


“I think another one to look out for is Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann is Sarah Palin- without the negatives.  She is beautiful, well spoken and charismatic like Palin. But she never resigned from office. She has experience in D.C. She is a darling of Tea Party movement. Watch out for her if Palin officially drops out. Bachmann picks up a lot of Palin’s support, which puts her within reach of the top. So I think Michele Bachmann may be "the underdog Sarah Palin"... the subtle, below the radar, Sarah Palin.”


Ron Paul:  “The Most Honest, Sincere Politician in America


“I haven’t even named yet the two people who I personally like the best. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. Ron Paul is a long shot according to the media. But he is first of all the most honest, sincere politician in America. He is also the guy who is most conservative…and most like me on all the fiscal issues. He is the guy who has been right on every fiscal prediction for a couple of decades. He predicted everything happening today. He predicted the problems with the Fed…he predicted the over-spending leading to a debt crisis…he predicted economic Armageddon long before it happened...he predicted hyperinflation on the way. Correct on all counts. Brilliant. Ron is great.

“Ron Paul has been right from day one and just like me he’s a fiscal conservative and social Libertarian. I think that’s the perfect mix for America. He’s the guy who’s had it right from day one and I think he’ll raise his profile considerably from the 2008 election. I think he may be the long shot and everybody should keep their eye on him. You just never know. His problem is America wants to elect “American Idol.” Not the guy who is right on the issues. It’s all about name recognition and celebrity and branding. But if the economy gets bad enough by 2012, who knows? All bets are off the table. Americans may turn to someone they trust on the economy- Ron Paul. And by the way, my favorite politician in all of America may be U.S. Senator Rand Paul. Rand is Ron’s son. If he plays his cards right, he could be a major contender in 2016 or 2020.

 “There’s also a quieter version of Ron Paul by the name of Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico who is absolutely – in my opinion – going to run for President on the Republican ticket. If he catches fire, and if Ron Paul were to decide not to run, Gary could become a real factor. He’s also got a big advantage- he’s far younger than Ron Paul. So Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are two people that are not known maybe to every American but you really ought to keep an eye on them. Their views are “on the money” on fiscal issues…which is what matters to 90% of Americans.”


“If (Chris Christie) Ran, he’d Win in a Landslide


“Then there’s my last prediction-- about Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey who swears he’s not running, but if he ran I believe he’d win in a landslide. I predicted the rise of Christie long ago. As soon as I saw his bold public comments about teachers unions and government employees, I knew he would become a national star. He is the first politician…besides me of course…willing to stand up to the government employee unions that are destroying our economy…destroying our education system…they are a Ponzi scheme. The unions destroyed the auto business, the steel business, the public school system. They destroy whatever they touch.

"Christie recently called the teachers union "thugs." The salaries and pensions of government employees are the biggest scandal in America today. But worse than that is the fact that these are the only ‘privileged class’ of employees that can’t be fired. Insanity. Castro in Cuba is trying to save his country from going under by firing 500,000 government employees. Don’t you think we ought to be following Castro? Do you realize Obama is to the left of Castro? He is bought and paid for by government employee unions and the SEIU. He favors unions over what’s best for America. He’ll rob any taxpayer to keep up the union Ponzi scheme. It’s a disgrace. Chris Christie is saying it out loud. God Bless him.

"I was among the first to sound the alarm. I’ve exposed this scam for many years now. I wrote about it in my book 'The Conscience of a Libertarian.' Much of my book is dedicated to this outrageous attack on taxpayers by public employee unions. But Christie has the national stage and he’s leading the fight because he has the megaphone. And look at the results? America LOVES Chris Christie.

“He’s certainly my personal favorite kind of guy. He’s big; he’s bombastic; he doesn’t care if you don’t like the fact that he’s overweight; he doesn’t make any bones about it; he talks about it all the time. I think America would love that. He’s the biggest winner, not the “Biggest Loser.” The American public loves this guy. Every poll that’s been taken shows that they’d love for him to run for President, but he swears he won’t run because he was just elected Governor. My prediction is if he doesn’t run, he is the front-runner for 2016.

“So that’s my list of the only ones that really matter at this point. My heart is with Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, but my brain tells me that they’ll have a hard time winning because it’s all about celebrity. A Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, or a Mitt Romney are celebrities. So they have a big edge right now. We’ll see if someone comes out of the woodwork to change all that. Chris Christie is the real favorite if he'd run.”

- Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com International Correspondent


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