US Presidential Betting - Archives 1

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US Presidential Betting - Archives 1

Here are your 2016 US Presidential Odds news archived February 1, 2016.  Place your US Presidential bets here.

Trump Pulls Ahead in Iowa, Kasich Building Momentum in New Hampshire - GOP front runner Donald Trump has pulled ahead in Iowa with just days until that state's caucus voting.  Trump was now the -250 favorite to win the Iowa Caucus ahead of previous Iowa front runner Ted Cruz at +170. 

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, Ohio Governor John Kasich just received an endorsement from the largest newspaper in New England, the Boston Globe, this as his poll numbers have gone up in the Granite State.  His odds of winning the New Hampshire Primary were second (8/1) only to Trump, who is a huge 1/5 favorite of winning there.

Michael Bloomberg has Better Odds of Being US President Than Jeb Bush - The former New York City Mayor confirmed he will consider running for President of the United States by March but won't do so if Hillary Clinton is clearly going to secure the Democratic nomination or either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio secure the Republican nomination by that time. 

Bloomberg was coming in at 20-1 odds at Sportsbook.  That's 6th shortest after Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.  Jeb Bush had odds of 40-1, his longest price yet.

G911 Special Contributor Wayne Allyn Root New Opening Act for Trump - Long time special contributor to and sports handicapper Wayne Allyn Root is making an impact on the 2016 US Presidential campaign scene.  Root delivered the Tea Party response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address last week and now he is doing stump speeches in Nevada for the GOP front runner Donald Trump.  

Watch below.

Sanders Now Up 8 Percent in Iowa - Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in Iowa as Sen. Bernie Sanders takes control of the Democratic race in the critical first-in-the-nation voting state, according to a new CNN/ORC poll released Thursday.  However, the 8 point lead is amongst first time Caucus-goers whereas Hillary Clinton holds a 9—point lead over Sanders when considering past Caucus voters. Nearly 48 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers said they back Clinton for president while about 39 percent said they support Sanders.  This is according to Monmouth College/KBUR-AM survey released Thursday.

Clinton was a -240 favorite in Iowa, Sanders a +180 underdog that has terrific value with the potential to pay out $18 for every $10 bet if you lock the odds in now.

Sanders Widens Lead in New Hampshire - Three weeks before New Hampshire’s presidential primary, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has jumped out to a 27 percentage point lead over Hillary Clinton in a poll of likely Democratic voters there released by CNN/WMUR on Tuesday evening.  He was now a whopping 1/5 favorite to win the New Hampshire Primary with Clinton at 3/1 odds.

Will the Sarah Palin Endrosement Seal the Deal in Iowa?  A few hours have gone by since former GOP Vice Presidential runningmate to John McCain, Sarah Palin, announced her endorsement of GOP frunt runner Donald Trump.  The real estate magnate was not the front runner in Iowa though (that would be Ted Cruz), but there are those who believe Palin's endorsement could push him over that edge.  The odds: Well, her endorsement was enough for the foks at to temporarily take down the Iowa Caucus odds.  Monitor here for the latest  odds and check out odds as of Monday January 18 below.

Iowa Caucus, New Hampshire Primary Odds Up Now - has released odds on the upcoming Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primaries for both the Republicans and Democrats. 

Among the Republicans, Ted Cruz was coming in as the -220 favorite, Donald Trump was at +150.  Everyone else was at +2500 odds or longer starting with Marco Rubio (+2500).  Jeb Bush was at +5000.  Chris Christie was at +10000.   Rick Santorem actually had higher odds than Christie at +7500.  Ben Carson and John Kasich were each at +20000 odds. Rand Paul was at +15000.  Read More Here

Republican Nomination Odds Coming Into Thursday Night's Debate - Donald Trump +150, Marco Rubio 2/1, Ted Cruz 5/1, Chris Christie 10/1, Jeb Bush 10/1, Carly Fiorina 40/1, John Kasich 50/1, Ben Carson 75/1.

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