Trump Impeachment Likely According to UK Bookmaker: Cher Self - Deportation?

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  • Trump impeachment in first term pays US$15 for every US$10 but Americans prohibited from placing such a bet
  • 2016 US Presidential Election was single most bet on nonsporting event
  • Odds on Cher and Barbara Streisand moving to Canada following Trump win still available

Ladbrokes, the United Kingdom’s second largest bookmaker, is offering odds on US President-Elect Donald Trump facing impeachment before his first term ends at relatively short odds of +150 for a payout potential of US$15 for every US$10 bet.

While Ladbrokes and its UK competition do not accept bets from US citizens, the 2016 US Presidential election was the single most wagered on nonsporting event in the bookmaker’s history, bigger than BREXIT, which was wagered on by more than half of UK’s adults.

Ladbrokes was the only book offering a specific Trump impeachment bet in the first term though some books were offering variations that included whether a President Trump lasts four years in the White House.

BetFred, for example, offered a bet option as to whether “Donald Trump Serves His Full Term in Office”, without mention of any impeachment.  Those odds were set at 2-1.

None of the books were offering more specific odds on a reason for impeachment.

Of course there were some bet offers on whether Donald Trump serves a second term in office. offered the same 2-1 odds on Trump leaving before 2020 as winning a second term as US President.

There were some two dozen US Political betting options being offered across the pond including whether Canada will stop immigration from the US in 2017 at 66-1 odds.  The likes of Cher (33-1) and Barbara Streisand (20-1) had said they would move to Canada if Trump were to be elected.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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