TEAR-Riffic Political Betting Odds: Watery Eyed Boehner And More

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Gilbert Horowitz
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John Boehner Odds

The new House Speaker, John Boehner, is likely to provide online gambling firms with a variety of material related to political betting.  Boehner, in particular, has the propensity to cry and break down during even the simplest of discussions.  Indeed his hanky was pulled out during the change in Congress on Wednesday though experts were unclear as to whether he in fact shed a tear.  Look for odds on Boehner crying during a particular month and at specific events.

Betting on political events, particularly elections, has enjoyed extreme popularity over the years.  The 2008 US Presidential election was the single most wagered on non sporting event ever.

Aside from elections, gamblers have the option of placing bets on such things as the upcoming State of the Union address.  How many times the sitting President repeats a particular phrase, how many standing ovations, what color tie, the list goes on and on.

One of the more controversial betting options offered immediately following President Barack Obama’s victory related to whether he would be assassinated

“Very poor taste,” observed Gambling911.com Senior Editor Payton O’Brien at the time. 

The Irish bookmaker offering the said odds, Paddy Power, was fairly quick to remove them.

2008 Republican runningmate Sarah Palin has long provided fodder for the online oddsmakers as has Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush.

Following an embarrassing incident during a hunting exhibition in which former Vice President Dick Cheney shot a man, the online gambling websites posted odds on who Cheney would shoot next. 

Odds on who will win the 2012 US Presidential elections are already available at a number of Internet gambling websites. 

Obama remains the even favorite at most books while Republican Mitt Romney comes in a distant 7/1 followed by Sarah Palin at 10/1 (see PaddyPower.com here)  Hillary Clinton and John Boehner both come in at 18/1 odds at Paddy Power, which does not accept bets from US citizens.

Newly elected Senator out of Florida Marco Rubio came in at 25/1 odds.

The Irish may not know a whole lot about US politics, listing Arnold Schwarzenegger with 50/1 odds.  The departing California Governor is excluded from running for President of the United States having been born in Austria.  Likewise, Paddy Power does not include odds on the Tea Party darling Michelle Bachman.  The Minnesota Representative is being quiet about her presidential aspirations in 2012 but is yet to rule out such an option.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com




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