Super Tuesday Odds vs. Poll Numbers: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, More

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Super Tuesday Odds vs. Poll Numbers: Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, More has your Super Tuesday odds versus the poll numbers for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

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Georgia – The polls are starting to close up a bet in the Peach Tree State.  Real estate mogul Donald Trump was coming in at 30 percent while his rivals Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio in a tie at 23 percent each. 

Oddsmakers have Trump as the favorite at 1-25 odds, Rubio at 8-1 and Cruz offering a $64 payout for every $5 bet.

Former Secretary of State Clinton was coming in as a 2/9 favorite to win in Georgia with polls showing her 34 points ahead at 64 percent compared to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders 30 percent.

Texas – Some polls do have Cruz and Trump neck and neck but the average numbers have Cruz up 11 percent.  Cruz was at 1-6 odds while Trump would pay out $30 for every $10 bet with a win.

On the Democratic side, Clinton was listed at 1-100 odds as a virtual lock to win this state.

Betting on the Massachusetts Primaries was also available with Trump coming in at 1-33 though William Hill still had him at 1-3 overnight Sunday.  Trump was way up beyond 20 points in the most recent polling. 

Clinton was up around 7 percentage points and was coming in at 2-9 odds, Sanders at 21-10.

Alabama had Trump at 1-20 odds and he was up 17 points in most polls.

The latest polls out of Virginia had Trump up 13 percentage points, Clinton up 20.

None of the books were offering odds on Tennessee where Trump was way ahead in the polls.  Clinton was coming in at 60 percent, Sanders 34 percent.

Vermont had Trump up about 17 points and Sanders more than 70 percentage points.

Other Super Tuesday states had limited polling data with odds hard to come by.

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