Super Tuesday Betting Odds 2016 – A Major Wagering Event

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Super Tuesday Betting Odds 2016 – A Major Wagering Event

With the US Presidential Elections considered the largest nonsporting wagering event not just in the United States but worldwide, bookmakers can expect Tuesday March 8 to be an especially busy day with 13 states holding either primaries or caucuses.

Online gambling websites the likes of Bookmaker expect to offer betting on most of the Super Tuesday races.  For the latest Super Tuesday betting odds go here

States that hold primaries and or caucuses on this day include Wyoming, Alaska, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Vermont.

Then you have states with much larger populations including Alabama, Minnesota, Colorado, Tennessee and Virginia.

A handful of states ranking among the top 10 most populous are also included in the Super Tuesday voting: Michigan, Georgia and the state with the second largest  population, Texas.

Gambling websites offering individual state primary and caucus betting up to this point have had some degree of uncanny accuracy.

Bookmaker, a wagering firm that has been in operation since 1986 and is widely considered among the most sharpest in the world, had GOP front runner Donald Trump as a double digit favorite ahead of the South Carolina Primary with 29 percent of the public backing.  He received 32 percent of the vote.  Gamblers also were giving Florida Senator Marco Rubio 20 percent of the action.  He received 22.5 percent of the state votes.  Gamblers were a bit off with Cruz, who they had neck-and-neck with Trump.  The Texas Senator only received 22 percent of the votes.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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The UNDER 2.5 indictments is favored and priced at -250.  The OVER 2.5 pays out $17.50 for every $10 bet.  On Tuesday afternoon, it was being reported that Trump will be indicted on Wednesday.