Super Tuesday Bet Preview: Odds For Each State

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Super Tuesday Bet Preview: Odds For Each State

With twelve states voting in primaries or caucuses this Tuesday, has your latest Super Tuesday bet preview for both the Republicans and the Democrats.

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Trump is currently listed at –315 odds to win the Republican nomination over Marco Rubio (+250 odds) and Ted Cruz (+4750 odds). He is being given +215 odds to win the Presidential Election behind Hillary Clinton (the favorite at –141 odds).

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s big victory in South Carolina along with wins in the Iowa and Nevada Caucus have the former Secretary of State looking more and more like the Democratic nominee.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is currently listed in fourth place by BetDSI for the Presidential Election odds at +1501 behind Rubio, Trump, and Clinton. A strong showing on Tuesday could boost those odds, giving him good current value at such a high mark.

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Wyoming are the states that will be voting in their respective primaries and caucuses on Super Tuesday.

One of the most interesting states to watch on Tuesday will be Texas, which has the largest amount of delegates at stake (55 for Republicans and 252 for Democrats). The battle between Cruz, a Texas native, and Trump for the Lonestar State will be one to keep an eye on. Also worth watching is how the delegates are split between Clinton and Sanders in his bid to mount a comeback.

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