South Carolina Republican Primary Betting Predictions

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South Carolina Republican Primary Betting Predictions

Gambling911.com has your South Carolina Republican Primary betting predictions and odds.

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Republican primary in South Carolina (Saturday)

Donald Trump, coming off a big win in New Hampshire’s caucus race last week, is a substantial favorite to repeat as the lead vote-getter in Saturday’s election.

Despite a disastrous debate this past weekend, where Trump was often getting booed by the crowds, Trump has been the top vote receiver in 19 of the last 20 polls that have come out in South Carolina over the past seven months. Plus, no candidate from the party had a good showing at the debate that critics have referred to as a disastrous implosion by the GOP.

Trump’s recognizable star power has combined with his fear mongering approach should hit a chord with the historically red state. Bullet point issues like immigration, jobs, and second amendment fears put the majority of voters on Trump’s side. He has also harped on the anti-Obama rhetoric that South Carolina voters wanted to hear.

Trump comes in at –613 betting odds to be the winner of the debate. But it’s Ted Cruz, who won the Iowa caucus, that is getting most of the action from the public at BetDSI. Cruz comes in with favorable, +457 odds, second highest behind Trump.

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Cruz’s equally extreme dialogue could turn undecided voters away from Trump, who might seem like an unrealistic candidate for the Republican party after Saturday’s debacle on the podium. The Texas senator Cruz has momentum left over from his win in Iowa despite a third place finish in New Hampshire’s elections. He managed to get out of those debates rather unscathed, unlike Marco Rubio who was made to look like a fool when Chris Christie, with his last dying breaths in the election he’d bow out of a few days later, called Rubio out for his robotic and repetitive speaking points.

Rubio comes in at third on the odds list, far ahead of fourth place Jeb Bush and fifth place John Kasich. There could be some value on both as Bush could sweep up enough legacy votes in a state that elected both his older brother and father in presidential elections, and Kasich may be able to attract enough moderates after a surprising second place finish in New Hampshire.

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Trump Total Number of Indictment Odds

The UNDER 2.5 indictments is favored and priced at -250.  The OVER 2.5 pays out $17.50 for every $10 bet.  On Tuesday afternoon, it was being reported that Trump will be indicted on Wednesday.