Ron Paul Says Newt Gingrich “Flavor of the Week” (Video)

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Ron Paul Says Newt Gingrich “Flavor of the Week” (Video)

GOP candidate Congressman Ron Paul of Texas appeared on CNN Wednesday afternoon to discuss Iowa, Donald Trump and more. 

During his interview, Paul referred to Newt Gingrich as “the flavor of the month” when asked if he was concerned about the former House Speaker leading in the Iowa polls. 

Not that Congressman Paul should be too concerned, some polls have him in 2nd place ahead of Mitt Romney.

Online prediction market still has Romney’s chances at 45.8 percent, Gingrich at 34 percent and Ron Paul close to 9 percent.  Needless-to-say, the value for Ron Paul to win there currently is quite good

It’s not just the political betting odds that have online bookmakers and prediction markets interested in Ron Paul.  In recent years, the Texas Congressman has teamed up with Democrat Barney Frank to co-sponsor legislation that would allow businesses in the US to actually take wagers on his candidacy.  At present, US gamblers can only bet on Ron Paul winning with companies based outside the States in locations such as Ireland and Costa Rica. 

Paddy Power, which unfortunately does not accept US customers, was offering odds on who will win the Iowa Caucus.  There, Gingrich was at 4/1 odds while Paul came in just narrowly ahead of Mitt Romney at 10/3 versus 11/2.  Rick Santorum was at 18/1, tied with Rick Perry.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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