Ron Paul Can Win Iowa (Video)

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C Costigan
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Ron Paul Can Win Iowa (Video)

Don’t look now but GOP candidate Ron Paul is gaining on Newt Gingrich and has passed by Mitt Romney in some recent Iowa caucus polls.

The mainstream media is starting to hint at a Ron Paul upset.

The Texas Congressman, who has not only supported legalizing online gambling in the US, but has co-sponsored bills with the likes of Democrat Barney Frank, is considered the dream candidate for those in the poker community.

While politicians are making a push to legalize Internet gambling as a means to help stimulate the economy (it is a multi-billion dollar industry for which the US Government and private sector see none of it), Paul has offered a principled approach regarding his support.

“I'm a fan of allowing people to enjoy themselves and I enjoy myself when I know people can make their own choices with what they want to do with their life and money,” Congressman Paul told’s own Jenny Woo.  “Mine is a philosophic position but I think it's a sound position.  I think it's something that you can defend as being a strict constitutionalist and I just don't see government being the moralist deciding how we spend our time whether is good or bad.  I have a strong belief that the individual gets to make that choice so the fact that I don't gamble doesn't really influence me in my positions on this issue.”

Paul’s engine in Iowa is his advertising campaign, which looks to paint Newt Gingrich as a hypocrite, is gaining steam in a very big way.

Paul Mulshine of the Newark Star Ledger agrees with our own assessment that Ron Paul’s 2008 US Presidential run featured some of the least memorable campaign ads we have ever seen.

Few people recall much about Ron Paul's 2008 campaign, but I was paying attention. Back then, he ran the sort of amateurish campaign you'd expect from a third-party candidate with no hopes of winning.

That's not the case this time around. This attack ad on Newt Gingrich is one of the better-produced political ads I've ever seen.

Somewhere in there you get the feeling Ron really doesn't like the guy.

Odds on Paul winning the Iowa caucus are hard to come by unless you happen to live outside the US.  Ireland’s Paddy Power has him now favored over Romney and pretty much tied with Gingrich at 5/4 odds

- Chris Costigan, Publisher

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