Rep. John F. Tierney Knew Nothing About Wife’s Financial Dealings

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C Costigan
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John F. Tierney

Rep. John F. Tierney (D-Mass) claims to have known nothing about his wife’s financial dealings. 

Tierney’s wife, Patrice, was indicted on four counts Wednesday including tax fraud for her role in managing an online betting firm’s bank account and overseeing some $7 million in what is being referred to as “illegal online gambling funds”.

He told the Boston Globe on Thursday: "Let me, first of all, say that this is the 21st century and what Patrice does with her family and a family business is not something as her husband that I look over and monitor day to day.”

Patrice Tierney is sister of Internet gambling pioneer Bobby Eremian, one of the first operators in Antigua to obtain a license for running a sports betting business call center and website. 

Eremian later assumed the role of spokesperson for the Antiguan i-Gaming sector before that Caribbean nation deported him for tax evasion in the U.S.  At the time, many industry pundits expressed outrage at Antiguan officials.  There were rumors that Eremian had been deemed a “nuisance” by some individuals on the island. 

Eremian would ultimately be charged on one count of tax evasion and return back to Antigua.  During his short stint in prison, brother Daniel helped run the Antiguan business, which was based out of Eremian’s home.  Bobby Eremian was known for his generosity and willingness to employ locals even when jobs were not readily available.  He also had a reputation as an exceptional chef who regularly imported the best meats onto the island. 

John F. Tierney is a seven-term representative for the state of Massachusetts who is running for re-election against Republican candidate Bill Hudak.  Mr. Hudak has already made Patrice’s dealings an issue in the campaign.

Tierney expressed outrage during a debate held Thursday. 

"I think my opponent would probably love to debate my wife's family, run against them, but that's not the luxury that he has. The fact of the matter is that we're running a race here where my integrity and honesty is not questioned," Tierney said in the debate.

Hudak lashed back:  "You're trying to distract from the fact that you've got $7 million unaccounted-for.” -  Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher Reporting

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